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dating a divorced woman

5 Tips for Dating a Divorced Woman

You decide to get back in the dating pool and you realize that most of the women you have an interest in are divorced.  Dating a divorced woman brings a new level of complexity to your dating situation.  Here are some suggestions that will help you through this new adventure of dating a divorced woman

1. Give her some space

When you start dating a divorced woman, you will need to value her personal space and be careful when entering into her space.  Divorce is rarely a positive experience.  It may take her a little more time than most to feel comfortable around you and comfortable letting you in her space.

2. Emphasize your strong traits

The divorced woman will know exactly what she is looking for in a man.  The first time around did not work for a reason.  She will have a list of “must haves” in her mind, and it will be better for both of you to know right away if you have these traits she is looking for.

3. Let her dictate the pace of the relationship

You will want to be cautious of how fast you make your moves when dating a divorced woman.  She is most likely looking for a mate that will fit her needs, and will take her time making sure that her needs are met.  Do not move too quickly, because to her, you will be invading her personal space.  She just might not be comfortable with her new dating situation and may need more time.  You will notice when it is time to pick up the pace.

4. Be a gentleman when dating a divorced woman

If you decide to start dating a divorced woman, you will need to show her that you are a gentleman.  If you do not open the door for her and treat her like a woman deserves to be treated, you will need to start.  It will be these small things that will help your relationship going forward.

5. Make sure she is grounded

Prior to dating a divorced woman, you need to ask her enough questions until you know that she is grounded.  A lot of divorced woman will start dating even though they are not over their ex.  If you are dating a divorced woman that is not grounded, it will most likely end up in failure.

You will find these 5 tips useful when dating a divorced woman.  If you follow these suggestions your dating experience will have a good chance at success.  Remember if you do not act like a gentleman, now is a good time to start because it will help you open up her personal space and speed up the pace of the relationship.  Dating a divorced woman has its challenges, but it will all be worth it in the end if you happen to find your soul mate.

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