Saturday , 19 August 2017

Blended Families

blended family advice

The Truth About Blended Family Advice: What Parents Really Ought to Pay Attention To

Wise blended family advice would certainly be helpful to a couple with children from a previous relationship and who are considering coming together to form one family. Unfortunately, blended family advice that is actually useful, realistic, and practical isn’t easy to come by. In fact, a lot of advice that parents in future or existing blended families receive are often …

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blended families

Guidelines To Solve Blended Families Problems

It’s great when you fall in love again after surviving a painful divorce. You and your new partner are blissfully happy, and you feel that this is a good time to get married and form a blended family with the children you have from your previous marriages. However, since it can take a long time for blended families to feel …

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step daughter

Stepping On The Toes Of Your Step Daughter

You’re not my Mom The struggles with a blended family are often the struggles of being the step-parent trying to establish a relationship with step daughters. Especially, if the father had been a single father raising his daughter’s prior to your marriage. The stigma of the step parent is a mighty one mainly because of the portrayal of the relationship …

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common problems with blended families

Common Problems With Blended Families And How To Overcome Them

When two become one Blended families that once were individual families have many hurdles they have to cross. What was once two separate families each having their own history become one, they now have to establish its own memories.  Below you will find common problems with blended families and how to overcome them. For many children, this can be a …

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step child

Positive Parenting Suggestions for New Step-fathers/Step-mothers

Our culture has more and more blended families everyday. While blended families bring some great new experiences to life, they also present some challenges. So what do you do when you suddenly become a new step-parent? The first step in learning to discipline a new step-child is to NOT discipline the child. You are not the child’s parent, so you …

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living apart

Trends – Living Apart Together

My husband and I are onto something . . . As a widowed divorce lawyer, I was uniquely aware of how difficult it is for blended families to combine households. So when my new husband and I decided to get married, I was concerned about how a widow with 4 children and a single-dad with joint custody of three children …

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