Saturday , 19 August 2017


Is Your Business Protected In The Event Of A Divorce?

For business owners, there are few worse scenarios imaginable than a divorce. Going through the process of a separation and divorce is difficult enough on its own, but the added stress of protecting or dividing up a business can make this much more difficult. When a business owner goes through a divorce, the business itself comes under scrutiny. It stops …

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divorcing overseas

The Twisted Knot Of Divorcing Overseas

Divorcing your partner is always an arduous and knotty process, not to mention life altering. It’s definitely exacerbated when you’re having to go through the whole situation overseas; with there being a surge in couples emigrating to build a life together overseas, the stress of moving together potentially invites more couples wanting to divorce – which in turns brings further …

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divorced broke and a sick child

Divorced, Broke And A Sick Child

Yes, it would seem like the plot of a Series of Unfortunate Event movie but that was my life a year ago. I thought I married a man who’s ready to share his life with me but I was wrong. I guess that’s likely in a whirlwind romance. We’ve been married a couple of years and we have a wonderful …

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filing status and divorce

Filing Status And Divorce

As we approach tax time, we need to turn our focus on one of the most important financial documents we have – our tax return. Divorce can be difficult enough, and with it comes many potential tax issues. Add that to a complicated tax code, and the fact that certain divorce papers do not follow the Internal Revenue Code, and …

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Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law: The Bloodless Alternative

The death of any relationship can be devastating, whether the relationship is familial, a friendship or a marriage; whether the death of the relationship is caused by physical death or by emotional dissolution.  Fighting during and after the demise of the relationship only deepens the wounds and prolongs the pain, but sometimes, especially in divorce, the decision to fight is …

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Tips For Reinventing Yourself After A Divorce

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charge period. If you have already signed divorce papers, well then you will already know this. But no matter your situation, regardless if you have kids together, a mortgage or some other ties, there is one thing that you know, you need to do. It’s time to change, experience where you are in the …

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rediscover yourself after divorce

Rediscover Yourself After Divorce With 5 Key Points!

Divorce is not the end! The relationship started by two individuals may have come to an end, but have you stopped doing your daily tasks? No! Then, why not live with the truth and start a new journey? There are numerous divorce cases fought by divorce lawyers around the world, but with the help of meditation, motivational session, etc. both …

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divorce holidays

Handling “The Divorce” Conversation with Family During the Holidays

Divorce is hard enough. Add the holidays and questions from family and friends and it can be downright unbearable. Your family and friends are trying your best to be there for you, or you have the odd cousin that seems smug about your recent predicament – either way it’s hard. Often the most difficult conversations to have are the ones …

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what to do when your ex wants you back

What To Do When Your Ex Wants You Back

So, you think your ex wants to get back together with you. If you aren’t 100% sure, here are a couple signs that the might be interested in rekindling a broken relationship. They are trying to be positive and kind They are talking and focusing on the good memories of your relationship They are staying in very frequent contact They …

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