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divorce and children

Divorce And Children- How To Minimize The Damage To Your Kids

We often hear people say that the main reason for a divorce is marriage. But, no the main reason for a divorce is the inability of the couple to understand each other and adjust to the needs of the their better half. Divorce itself is a serious blow to both the husband and the wife, upon that if they have …

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grounding techniques

Grounding Techniques Help Kids From A Broken Home Feel Safer And Stronger

Divorce can feel like an earthquake, shaking the very foundations of a child’s life. Nothing feels sure anymore and she has nowhere to turn to anchor herself. Grounding techniques can give a child from a broken home a way to cope when things feel so detached. Simple to do anywhere, in moments they can help with anxiety, confusion and feeling …

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blended family advice

The Truth About Blended Family Advice: What Parents Really Ought to Pay Attention To

Wise blended family advice would certainly be helpful to a couple with children from a previous relationship and who are considering coming together to form one family. Unfortunately, blended family advice that is actually useful, realistic, and practical isn’t easy to come by. In fact, a lot of advice that parents in future or existing blended families receive are often …

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children cope with divorce

6 Ways to Help Children Cope with Divorce

During my divorce process my children seemed to be just fine. They adjusted, from what I could see.  But after my divorce was final, they came to me with issues they were having and I knew I had to help figure out ways to help my children cope with divorce. They became very emotional and were constantly throwing fits. None of …

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blended families

Guidelines To Solve Blended Families Problems

It’s great when you fall in love again after surviving a painful divorce. You and your new partner are blissfully happy, and you feel that this is a good time to get married and form a blended family with the children you have from your previous marriages. However, since it can take a long time for blended families to feel …

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effects of divorce on children

The Emotional Effects of Divorce on Children

Most parents contemplating divorce worry about how it would effect their children emotionally, sometimes to such an extent, that they decide to try again, to rather save their marriage. They probably know that divorce is unavoidable, but will agonize about the effect it will have on their children. It is essential therefore, that parents considering divorce have a clear understanding …

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common problems with blended families

Common Problems With Blended Families And How To Overcome Them

When two become one Blended families that once were individual families have many hurdles they have to cross. What was once two separate families each having their own history become one, they now have to establish its own memories.  Below you will find common problems with blended families and how to overcome them. For many children, this can be a …

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children of divorce

How to Help Children of Divorce Cope

Having their marriage end is hard for the couple, but it is even harder when there are children involved. Children of divorce are scared and angry, and many times feel that it is their fault that their parents are getting divorced. So what can you as parents do, to help your children cope with the fact that your marriage has …

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effects of divorce on children

Effects Of Divorce On Children

Below are four effects of divorce on children that I have experienced.  There are probably many other effects of divorce on children, but I will be discussing the four that I have experienced: sadness, attitude, withdrawal, and temper.  I will also provide solutions to solve these effects of divorce on children. Effects Of Divorce On Children #1: Sadness Sadness is one …

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co parenting tips

Co Parenting Tips from a Divorced Mother

Co parenting can be difficult. I like to stress that you should look at co parenting as a “business relationship”. Here are some proven co parenting tips that not only work great, but will help you to have a successful co parenting relationship. Be flexible – Co Parenting Tips #1 Being flexible is vital in a co parenting relationship. One example, is if …

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