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6 Ways to Help Children Cope with Divorce

children cope with divorce

During my divorce process my children seemed to be just fine. They adjusted, from what I could see.  But after my divorce was final, they came to me with issues they were having and I knew I had to help figure out ways to help my children cope with divorce. They became very emotional and were constantly throwing fits. None of …

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How To Raise Happy Kids – 10 Steps Backed By Science

happy kids

Concerned about how divorce may impact your children? Conflict by far is the greatest determinant how children adjust to their parent’s divorce. “Most people love their children more than they despise the other parent, and they understand that parental conflict hurts children.  The problem is puncturing through the hurt, fear, and anger that you are feeling to keep focused on …

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Trends – Living Apart Together

living apart

My husband and I are onto something . . . As a widowed divorce lawyer, I was uniquely aware of how difficult it is for blended families to combine households. So when my new husband and I decided to get married, I was concerned about how a widow with 4 children and a single-dad with joint custody of three children …

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Holidays – How To Plan And Execute


With Easter coming, I found it fitting to talk about the holidays. In years past, the holidays were a time of joy, excitement and anticipation.  Now, the holidays are stressful, full of anxiety, and not always enjoyable. If you do not use your co-parenting skills, this can be a dreaded situation.There are multiple things that you should think of when …

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