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Smart Divorce Network

Smart Divorce Network is your place to go when you need to communicate with others and find smart solutions to your divorce questions.

We are creating and building a community of individuals, like yourself, where you can find needed resources if you are going through a divorce, or are a single parent, co parent, or step parent.


The People

My wife Jenny and I (Scott) decided to start this website because of the difficulties she went through during her divorce, and the lack of information I could find about step parenting.  Jamie Kupkovits came on board and joined the website as a co-creator of resources given she was also in search of resources for herself as well as those she professionally works with as a school psychologist.  Like Scott and Jenny, Jamie also saw the need for there to be a central resource center to find pertinent information related to divorce and family change.

We set out to create a community where you can find everything you need. Please email us if you have any questions, and subscribe to your weekly newsletter to keep up to date on what we are doing.

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Scott F. Trick
Co-Founder And Step Dad

Jenny R. Trick
Co-Founder And Divorced Mother

Jamie Kupkovits
Co-Founder, Mother, and School Psychologist