Children of Divorce – Changing Environments

What is one consistent environment that children of divorce have in their life?

If you and your ex live in different communities you will be faced with a difficult decision.  My personal experiences found that your kids WANT to stay at their current school and with their current friends.  Why give them something more to worry about.  Children of divorce already have gone through enough right?

This is a very common problem divorced parents face and should not be taken lightly because a stable environment will be very important in your children’s life.    Why move them to a school that is foreign to them, with the anxiety of meeting new people in a new environment.  Hopefully you and your ex will come to an agreement that consistency for the kids is very important.  Their lives already changed dramatically, let their school not change.

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What makes schools stable for children of divorce?

Children of divorce have relationships and bonds that will always exist at school. Children view the teachers, counselors, principles and others they communicate with at school, as people who are patient, consistent and responsive to their needs. Parents do respond to their needs, but when a child is in a divorce situation, they feel like they have to choose sides. Children of divorce know that teachers, counselors or others will be there for them, will not judge them or take sides, which is why it is easier for kids to talk to an unbiased person. They know the teachers (and others) will listen. Parents do listen and do not judge their kids, however kids want to talk to someone neutral. They do not want to say anything that would hurt their parents or make them feel bad.

Although there are many changes children of divorce go through, the one thing that is consistent and remains constant is their school. Remember, your children did not ask for this. Divorce is not their fault. Always put your children first and they will transition well.

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