Simple Effective Divorce Tips

Every divorce is different. Some are amicable some are not. Divorce can cause hostility, frustration and disrespect. All of these are normal. Here are some divorce tips to keep in the back of your mind when you are going through the divorce process. They may even be helpful after your divorce as well.

1. No matter how hard it is keep your chin up and smile. This may be difficult, however smiling is proven to lower your stress and anxiety.

Smiling releases endorphin’s which helps you manage your stress in a more positive way. With stress comes a weakened immune system and by smiling your immune system becomes stronger. Smiling is the easiest way to keep you healthy and a boost your mood during a divorce.

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2. When going through a divorce you will have many topics that will need to be discussed with your soon to be ex.

Some conversations will get heated. Always listen to what your future ex has to say. Keep calm and process the conversation before responding. Don’t react too soon, you may regret what you say.  After thinking about what was discussed, respond rationally and try not to accuse or get argumentative. If the other person gets argumentative or defensive tell them you would be glad to continue the conversation once they are ready to talk to you in a calm manner. This will help alleviate any arguments and keep the conversation on task.

3. When you need someone to talk to, or you need a shoulder to cry on find a counselor, a close family member or a friend.

You may think you can get through this on your own and maybe you can, but why not have someone help you get through the emotional distress of your situation?  This could be a positive not only for you but for your close family and friends. You opening up to them and asking them for help can help them see and understand what you are going through. Having family, friends or even a counselor there for you will help you get through all of the struggles you fare during and after a divorce.

These divorce tips helped me get through my divorce. Looking back, I am glad I relied on others to help me get through the emotional aspects of this difficult situation. If you ever need to talk to people who are or have been in similar situations, join our free divorce community and get the support you need.

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