Healing After Divorce: How to Recover

Divorce can be the toughest life changing event to experience and will probably tear your heart into pieces. Healing after divorce can take long because it is a complicated wound given that few people get married with intentions of divorcing some day. Couples take vows to remain together until deaths do them apart. Unfortunately some do not last long resulting into heartache and intense pain. Healing after divorce is exhausting financially, physically and emotionally. Once divorce decree is signed and dust has settled on the ruins of what you intended would be your joy ever after, how do you pick up pieces and move on?

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  • It is worth giving yourself time for grieving because after divorce, you will have many things to deal with. Whether it is looking for a new place for living, looking for a job or you have kids who need your attention, be sure of giving yourself some time each day to be alone to scream or cry to let it all out.
  • Looking for a good therapist is an important aspect of healing after divorce because therapists are trained to help you take the necessary steps to recover from a divorce. You will also feel better talking to a person who understands your issues and who will never judge you.
  • Find support groups for divorced people online under social service associations or organizations. Your therapist can also help you find such groups which have individuals whom you have similar experiences. The benefits of these groups are that they make you realize you are not alone and members may have suggestions not known to your therapist which will help you move on.
  • Engaging in new activities is an excellent way of healing after divorce. Do hobbies that you could not or did not do when you were married. The hobby should be something you do not associate with your spouse and should be interesting. The essence is to help you become hopeful about future as well as becoming more independent. You will, probably for the first time, feel that you are healing after divorce!

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Gregory Lehville is a resident of Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children, two boys and one girl. He seeks to help families through Smart Divorce Network by sharing his experiences from his childhood family difficulties. This is in a bid to help them cope as best as they can in their respective situations.

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