Tips For Reinventing Yourself After A Divorce

Divorce is a challenging and emotionally charge period. If you have already signed divorce papers, well then you will already know this. But no matter your situation, regardless if you have kids together, a mortgage or some other ties, there is one thing that you know, you need to do. It’s time to change, experience where you are in the world and reinvent yourself. In this article we will reveal some tips that can help you move forward through a divorce and on to enjoying the other, sunnier side of life.

Tip #1 – Properly Mourn

You might be thinking how can I move forward if I’m mourning about the past. Well it is simple, the best way to get over an emotional and challenging memory is to confront them, experience them and naturally react to them.

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It is only when you identify your feelings towards your divorce and go through the proceeding emotions that you will have the best chance to cope with what has happened and move forward. These feeling must be experience at some point and can only be bottled up for a limited amount of time. It’s better you finish your mourning before you start changing and reinventing yourself, as once you go through it, it will be easier to forget about it and you will be less likely to revisit it later on in the next couple months or the years that follow.

Tip #2 – Start Physically Reinventing Yourself

Sometimes it is hard to see progress emotionally, while this is all part of going through a divorce, some individuals respond better to physical changes. Take for example a change in appearance or a newer, fitter and leaner you. Not only can the physically changes like losing weight, increasing fitness, strength or toning up can promote a therapeutic feeling of progress, but also running and other exercises can help you emotionally push through the feeling of divorce. There is never going to be a better time to sign up to a gym, buy a weight loss / bodybuilding supplement, plan your diet and move forward in your new, single and full of potential life.

Tip #3 – Experience and Discover New Things

Often in a marriage, couples get into a routine, they experience and perform tasks that they might not otherwise have done without each other. To either support a partner or performing activities required as a result of the relationship, breaking this routine can be somewhat uplifting and therapeutic.

Understanding your new situation and surrounds can help open up the opportunity to experience new and wonderful things. It is not odd, to see individuals pick up new hobbies and love new activities that they otherwise would have never experienced. Continue experiencing the new and wonderful things in the world and soon enough this tough period in your life will be an experience rarely thought of.


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Gregory Lehville is a resident of Ohio, where he lives with his wife and three children, two boys and one girl. He seeks to help families through Smart Divorce Network by sharing his experiences from his childhood family difficulties. This is in a bid to help them cope as best as they can in their respective situations.

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