Divorce Case | How does domestic violence affects a case?

In all areas of the world, domestic violence is very common. In poor countries, women face all types of domestic violence. Men in some families especially husbands treat women very badly. Due to this reason, women need support to spend their life with their self-respect. They bear torture and are compelled to live by bearing this cruelty. Women have many rights to live their life. Domestic violence leaves a bad impact on millions of American women. To protect domestic abuse victims, the state has enacted laws. In the divorce case, the laws address, abuse, and domestic violence affect court decision, widely.

Assault impact divorce case

Assault is destructive both for batterer and battered. Its capacity is to pass down over the generation. Violence can be both, mentally and/or physical. Women and children are the major victim of torture in American society. Racism and the caste system is the major reason behind the assault. It includes controlling a partner, the physical harm and hit your partner or kids with scars. This abusive relationship is the prime cause to destroy the family life hence leads to file a divorce case. The psychological problems in children reflecting on their behavior as a result; if they watch their parents fight with each other, on and off. It is evident that the kids turned mentally sick or criminal in the future.

So, the majority of the women file their divorce case to get rid of this abusive relationship. American law provides protection to women facing physical torture. This factor makes her strong in court. Law also supports them to get rid of such a relationship, forever. Men convicted assault not only can be arrested by the police but also have to pay fine and can face a prison sentence.

Domestic violence and child custody

The evidence of domestic violence leaves an impact on child custody in a divorce case. If a person is found guilty as of being abusive to his wife, child or in front of the child, then there will be fewer chances to win the child custody in the divorce case. He may lose custody of children. Throughout the world, the abusive spouse has no chance to get the children’s custody if found guilty as of being involved in domestic violence as it is a crime.

It is a bitter truth that women face violence, mostly. In cities or in developed countries, women have enough knowledge about violence. They also know the defending measures to save themselves in such a situation. It is crystal clear to them that domestic violence is a crime by law and how they are protected by the state. The woman from urban areas can seek help from neighbors in such a situation. Neighbors and society can provide help for security purposes to the victim of violence. Neighbors may ask questions about the suspicious attitude of the victim. The neighbors or friends and family of the victim can play a vital role Remember that domestic violence can make your divorce case stronger.

Living in an urban area is beneficial due to many reasons. A person can take help from others and neighbors provide support in many ways. It is helpful for people to call the police for security as well as to hire home workers to take care of old people. In rural regions, women have no awareness about it because of the lack of education. Her daily routine is very hard because she has to fulfill her responsibilities and to look after children. In these areas, women have no access to legislation or other law organizations. Even, they do not have the awareness that domestic violence is a crime. This is the reason they cannot file a divorce case.


If someone is found criminal in physical assault then an abusive person will face the effect of alimony. If someone tries to control his partner by not allowing her work and renders her financially dependents then a judge will award it the abused spouse alimony. It is taken as domestic abuse in a divorce case and the court considers deciding alimony and abused person to get the benefit.

Protection order

An assaulted person can apply for the protection order. Criminals cannot contact the abused spouse and if they want to interact with each other, they have to encounter under police protection. If the criminal goes against this order, he will be arrested. During the divorce case, it is important to apply for the protection order.

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