Meghan Markle may cause Sussex’s divorce, Royal Expert Claims

We have all been hearing about the gossip related to the British Royals. There has been a lot of news about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry which day that they are about to leave their royalty and are ready to start living an ordinary life. The reason is that the imperial way of life has demonstrated hard for the two so they thought it’s best that they leave all of this behind. But what you might not have heard in all this news is that some people are predicting Sussex’s divorce for the reason to be behind all of this fiasco.

Although both of them seem to be really happy with each other there are some news critics who are saying that they are soon to be divorced. Although we don’t have any reason to feel that it might be true because, at pretty much every open commitment, Meghan and Harry show non-verbal communication that clarifies how they feel about one another. The two are quite often seen together, regardless of whether it’s clasping hands, Meghan holding Harry’s arm, or Harry controlling Meghan with a hand on her back. Yet, a few people are persuaded that Sussex’s divorce is inevitable because their marriage can’t work out like this.

News related to Sussex’s Divorce

Mentioned below are some of the hypothesis which states that Harry and Meghan’s wedding won’t last very long and endup with Sussex’s divorce.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

One manager, whose customer list incorporated the late Princess Diana, has anticipated that the couple’s marriage is bound to end very soon. She says that she can only see Meghan and Harry be married for around two to three years. They can’t be together for more than this. She further added that she is claiming all this so that everyone is mentally prepared for Sussex’s divorce beforehand and they don’t get heartbroken when they finally hear about the couple’s separation.

General observations and predictions taking Sussex’s divorce

One imperial master also claimed Meghan and Harry’s statuses could be a reason for their separation Kelvin Mackenzie, previous editorial manager of a very popular magazine has followed the royal family for quite a long time. While all the others share their views about Harry and Meghan’s marriage, he is the only person who is certain that their marriage is not going to last long and soon the Sussex will file for a divorce.

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This afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, alongside Her Majesty The Queen and Members of The Royal Family. The Commonwealth is a global network of 54 countries, working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals, and the Service today seeks to highlight the vast community which spans every geographical region, religion and culture, embracing diversity amongst its population of 2.4 billion people, of which 60 percent are under 30 years old. As President and Vice-President of the @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been passionate advocates of the Commonwealth having spent many years working closely with the next generation of Commonwealth leaders. The theme of the Commonwealth for 2020 is ‘Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming', placing emphasis on youth, the environment, trade, governance, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and innovation. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, the Service celebrates the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. Photo © PA

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She claims that Harry’s status has dropped immensely since both of them got married. While this happened to Harry, the total opposite has happened to Meghan. She says that she appreciates Meghan a lot. According to her, Meghan originated from nothing and wound up at the top while Harry, began at the top, winding up down the base and soon after the Sussex’s divorce, he will fall down a little more until he’s unable to stand back up.

Mackenzie followed her words by saying the couple’s statuses will tell what type of relationship they had. At the point when the telephone rings, it won’t be for him but it will be for Meghan and at that point, the marriage is bound to end and the only reason would be Meghan and his ego.

Other than this, there are a lot of other people who think the same. May they be news reporters, journalists or ordinary people, they are certain about this royal couple getting separated from each other. While some of them doubt it, others are quite sure of their prediction. The reason might be that Meghan is having a hard time adjusting to the royal protocols. There are a lot of things that she needs to change in order to be a Sussex, but according to the media, she’s not ready to do that.

The recent news about their separation from royal titles has made sure of that, but let’s hope their separation from each other is just a rumor and nowhere close to being accurate news.

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