Digital Parenting & Monitoring Solution for Working Moms

Moms are undoubtedly is the blessing of God. They have always been the multitasked and hold dozens of responsibilities on their shoulders. If the mammies are working ladies than the responsibilities become tougher and time taking. Today digital parenting for working moms has become more challenging. Moms have to be tech-savvy in such a way that they should have complete information about the technology and gadgets. Working moms have to be more tech-savvy then their kids and teens otherwise there are chances that they cannot meet with the digital requirements in order to perform digital parenting along with the monitoring solutions to the fullest.

The digital children VS working moms

Today, children have become digital children due to the use of smartphones, tablets, social media apps, and the cyberspace even before they reach the elementary education. They fully know that how to use the internet and the social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Tinder and plenty of others alike. Furthermore, the habit of texting, sexting and encounter with the stalkers, cyber bullies and child abusers are very common. Therefore, working mothers have to get to know the digital standards no time ever before. Otherwise, it will be too late for working mammies to do the effective piece of digital parenting.

Why is digital parenting necessary for working mothers?

Because the technology has fully prevailed in the modern society and the mothers have to provide children a healthy and positive attitude towards the technology. It would be impossible for mothers to make the children good digital citizens unless the moms are not fully demonstrated if they are not good digital citizens. The post is all out those moms that have to multiple jobs to provide the bread and butter for kids, but at the same time, modern world demands from parents to set digital monitoring roles on their teens in order to protect them from all digital vulnerabilities. On the other hand, working mammies have no time to do digital parenting in order to protect young kids and teens fully.

  • Internet comes with already loaded with inappropriate content that can harm kids
  • Mommies have to look after kids and teens activities in the digital world.
  • Adult content is everywhere in the cyber world
  • Children activities on smartphones need to watch

Digital parenting solutions for working mothers

Mothers have to make kids to adopt technology rules and they should set ground rules for using mobile phones, computers, and the internet. There are following working moms tips need to set on kids.

Explore the digital world with children

Moms should explore things in cyberspace setting beside with the children in a friendly manner. Don’t separate yourself from your children. Make sure to provide them a little time when you are free and try to win their trust. Teach your children about the things that are not aware of the internet.

Guide your kids about social media

Guide your kids and teens for what things social messaging apps are good such as communication and for exploring the world. Tell your children on what grounds social media apps are vulnerable and what sort of online predators using instant messengers apps.

Set a time limit for using internet and gadgets

Tell your children that how much time they can spend on their gadgets when connected to the internet. However, if they don’t bide the rules, then tell them there would be consequences for them.

Moms should be tech-savvy

The working moms should be tech-savvy they should know how to use social media and what are the possible vulnerabilities are present in the cyber world for kids. They should know how to set privacies on social media and how to operate an app and cell phone.

Monitoring solution for working Moms

The best of the best monitoring solution for working moms that can save their time and money is the use of cell phone spy software. They should install the spyware on the cell phone on children phone and then there is no need for the physical presence of their kids and teens. This will enable working moms to see text messages, listen and record phone calls, view and listen to the surroundings, track IM’s social media, GPS location the children remotely by sitting in the office. However, working mothers can remotely control the smartphone of the children and can block the internet remotely.

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