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Coronavirus self-isolation | Divorced parents sharing kids concerns

Coronavirus has impacted every domain of life. The fear of its spread has also compelled the UK’s government to take strict measures for containing the spread of the virus. The public has been strictly asked to maintain a hygienic routine and keep social distancing. In such a situation, one difficulty is of divorced parents sharing kids. A deep understanding of the issue and following the useful strategies for the proper handling of the situation is the way-out of the problem.

Main issues of divorced parents sharing kids

According to the records, the numbers of divorces are 90,871 between opposite-sex couples and 428 between same-sex couples in England and Wales. So, as a strict measure is forcing people to spend more time at home and does not socialize, it is also creating problems for divorced parents sharing kids. It is difficult to follow the guidelines of kid sharing as per the court orders. But the court welfare officers have asked people to try to adapt to the changing environment and continue their previous agreements of child sharing while following all the required protocols of social isolation.

More vulnerable arrangements

Although divorced parents sharing kids are needed to keep following the previous routine with more care according to the safety measure, few scenarios are going to be more severely impacted and would have to stop. Situations, in which the exchange of kids takes place in the dedicated center, are not going to happen these days, because such centers are closed amid the fear of the spread of the coronavirus. Taking care of the health of the children is also very important, so parents would have to compromise with it.

Strategies for divorced parents sharing kids during coronavirus pandemic

There are few strategies of parenting, which divorced parents sharing kids can follow and can ease up the tense situation regarding the follow up the child’s settlement between parents. Parents need to avoid public gathering and should just receive children through cars, instead of going out. If they receive the child from the home of the other parent, then they should just wait for the child to come in the car by himself rather than going out. Both parents of the children also need to stay in contact all along, so that they can keep the check on the hygiene and health routine of the child throughout.

Indirect interactions between children and parents

Certain parents are not on talking terms with each other, and it is impossible for them to collectively plan the daily routine and care of the child. In that case, where cooperation is not possible children may remain with one parent, but the child should be continuously allowed to maintain indirect contact with the other parent. They can constantly remain in contact with their other parent through calls and video calls until this situation gets better.

Parents are needed to have a more flexible approach

As corona is a global pandemic, so showing adaptability toward this issue and managing your daily routine according to it, is very important. In this time, parents should also show a more pragmatic approach. If their children are residing with other parents and are unable to reach them or if the situation is otherwise where they have to take care of the children by themselves, they should bear with that. Frustrating about the situation and trying to contact the court in this situation, would only make parents and their children more worried and would only complicate the already existing crisis.

Compensation of these difficult situations is possible

Such situations, where a child is spending more time with one parent, can be handled with this positive notion, that situation can be compensated in the future, where the child would spend equal time with other parents. Those parents, who can manage to continue the child routine as they used to in past, should keep doing that because if someone tries to take advantage of this situation deliberately, then courts, which are working online these days can still take action against them and it can cost them a lot of damage in future. So, having good faith and keeping good intentions to find out the ways of following the child sharing routine is the need of the time.

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