Single Parents

Is Single parenting a guilt? A Positive approach towards life.

Parenting itself is a big responsibility. It requires both parents to raise their children with great care and affection. When it comes to single parenting it is more difficult than parenting by both parents. In single parenting, all the responsibilities are being done by the single parent and make him do a lot of the stuff which otherwise would have divided between the two of them. It not only makes it difficult for the parent but also for the child to not have the role of two parents in his life.

Responsibilities in single parenting

A single parent has to make a lot of adjustments in his or her lifestyle to fulfill the demands of the challenging life which they confront because of them being single parents. Single parenting requires them to stay attentive throughout the day. It involves getting up early in the morning and making breakfast, dropping kids to the school, and then going to their own work. In the day they also have to make food for kids and help them with homework.

Involvement in all aspects of children’s life

They have to get themselves involved in their fun activities and help them out in their studies as well. They have to keep themselves involved and updated about their educational activities, play activities, and the friend circle as well. Taking care of children’s mental and physical health is also part of their daycare routine.

The exhausting routine in single parenting

Single parenting makes the routine and life of the single parent quite exhausting. They keep busy balancing their professional and personal life with kids and hardly find any time for themselves. They find it hard to go on parties themselves or hang out with their friends as they do not have sufficient time other than managing their own life.

Psychological impact on the single parent

Single parenting keeps them in mental stress as most of the time they remain worried about fulfilling the assigned tasks of the days and the week. This psychological stress also sometimes negatively affects their approach toward life and their behavior in certain situations of time, like they are more vulnerable to get worried over trivial matters than the other parents.

Impact on the children

Single parenting not just affects the life of the parent but it also has its influences on the minds and growth of the children. They feel less important because their father or mother left them for some other person. Children who have single parents miss out the affection and influence by the other parent and it has been reported that most of the times when child grow up then they repent to be of more supportive to their single parent then they had been because later on, they understood the reasons behind it.

The guilt of the single parent

One of the negative feelings about single parenting is that both parents feel guilty about it. They feel that their children are deprived of their other parents because they failed to make the marriage work. They feel guilty for not doing the tasks of their life like both of the parents would have done. They feel less confident about their efforts and hard work they put in for making the life of their children better. They never get satisfied with all the work they do and the struggles they make in managing the financial and educational needs of the children.

Positive approach toward life is the solution

Life can be hard sometimes and so is single parenting. Single parents are also needed to understand that if they are in a certain situation then they should better confront it positively rather than stressing about it. Children should also realize that they are important as their parent is trying their best to raise them and together they can make it work successfully. A positive approach and view toward life is the only solution for avoiding the negativity.

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