Top 6 Baby Essentials You Should Buy Before Birth

Many first-time moms feel curious about what they need for the upcoming baby and what items they should buy instantly when the baby comes. In this article, you will cover the baby essentials you should buy.

Of course, you don’t want to buy things that are barley in use but, you also want to have all the items near your hand when the baby arrives. Perhaps, you have brought most of the essentials and still feeling that you are missing something. Here are our top 6 best baby essentials that you should buy before the baby arrives.

  1. A Baby Crib:

A crib is one of the most sleeping essentials items of all time. You should buy a baby crib before the baby arrives because it takes time to install, assemble, and practice using it.

When your baby arrives at home, she needs to sleep 16-18 hours a single day so, providing a comfortable and kid-friendly place to sleep will help with brain development, physical development, sleep longer, and a lot more.

  1. An Infant Car Seat:

Nowadays, buying an infant car sear is considered as abiding the law because the hospital never let you out if you don’t have an infant car seat with you. The law encouraged everyone to use kid-friendly best infant car seat while you are inside the car or any transportation with your baby.

The infant’s body structure is very fragile, so traditional car seats are not adjustable with infants. An infant car seat provides many safety features that help him sit comfortably and sleep while in the car.

  1. Diapers, Diaper Changing Pad, Diaper Cream & Diaper Bag Pack:

You indeed need to change a lot of diapers every day, so buying the right amount of diapers is a good choice. Try different brands and make sure that you buy diapers that are different in size. If you change many diapers, you must need a diaper changing pad to change diapers on a safer surface.

A Diaper Cream reduces not only diaper rashes but also a protective wall from water, sweat, pee, which damages a baby’s skin. You need to apply diaper cream after each change to reduce the possibility of getting a rash on your baby’s skin.

A Diaper Bag Pack carries all the essential items that a baby needs while you are on the ride. It offers many compartments that can carry from bottle to changing pad within its chambers. Whenever you want to go outside to visit doctors or parks, a diaper bag will help you move all your essential baby items within one bag pack.

  1. Swaddles:

Swaddle is a comfortable wrapper that helps warmth a baby while sleeping. Infants are used to with sleeping in the mother’s womb. To adapt to the changing environment, you need to put him in a warm environment that he was used to be. Using swaddle can create a womb-like environment for babies and help sleep longer. Our suggestion to buy different sized swaddles or wrappers to help your baby stay comfortable within his new environment.

  1. Breast Pump:

Moms get tired after giving birth to her child. Meanwhile, the only food for a newborn is his mother’s milk, meaning milk supply is very important for her baby. A Breast pump helps to stimulate production and increase milk supply at the beginning of her parenting career. As a new mom, it takes much time to adapt to new responsibilities so, getting one or renting a breast pump will solve many issues related to breastfeeding.

  1. A Baby Monitor:

Every new mom has many responsibilities apart from raring her little one. Besides, moms need to sleep or do other household activities while her baby is on sleep. But what if her baby wakes up middle of the night, or do some unpleasant movements while her mom is absent. The baby monitor helps in tracking sleeping moments while moms can do other activities. It vibrates when notice any unexpected actions or when he unexpectedly wakes up the middle of the night.


New moms will face many responsibilities at the beginning of their parenthood. Selecting the right product for your baby will reduce the cost of living and helps gather other essentials in the future.


About Author: Hi there! I’m Rachel Green the mother of one little girl, and a boy and author at Family Smart Guide who strives to inspire other moms to embrace motherhood. My goal is to help parents get to the root of their parenting frustrations and challenges.

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