How to introduce your new love to your kids after a divorce?

So, you are going to take a new start after divorce. It is great for you but it can be a difficult thing to handle if you have kids, especially toddlers. Similarly, the matter becomes harder if your children are in a teenager. But you have to introduce your new love to your kids.

The divorce between parents is a shocking incident for kids. Some children do not accept it because it is meaningless for children or toddlers. It is one of the most difficult topics to broach with toddlers. For divorces, this is impossible to explain to them when you struggle with your grief. For the toddlers, it is vital to understand it and get the ways to express their feelings naturally. If you are coming to life after this incident, then you need to explain it to your children. Some of the important ways to introduce your new love to your kids are here.

Explain to them about your divorce

Taking your kids in confidence is a good idea. You must sit with them and explain to them about this condition which you and they are facing, post-divorce. It is not normal for them to accept that they are separated and now you are going to bring a new person in their life. May, be they will express their sorrow in the bite-sized chunks. Sometimes children do not like anyone who comes to their family and they react very seriously because of their sensitive nature. This situation can leave a bad impact on their mind. To avoid this situation, make them sure that they will not be insecure in the future. You must prepare them for this situation and then, introduce your new love to your kids.

Do not dodge their questions

It is vital to prepare your child for this concept. You need to choose the correct words to make your child’s mind to introduce your new love to your kids. If your preschooler is harsh, then it is normal. If your child is not emotional, then it is one of the good opportunities. Take him with you on the ground walk and help your child to explain that he has lost someone dear to him and now he will get a new friend as a family member.  Maybe, he will ask some questions. Reply to these questions as lightly as you can. Explain to him by telling the stories of the children. This situation sometimes frightens the child. They do not want to leave the companionship and do not accept a new person. You need to provide emotional support.

Reply simply and briefly

Toddlers have no sense to handle too much information. It is vital to guide them appropriately. It is useful to explain about the new relationship and its support in life. Guide them that the new person will be supportive of their family members and they will be able to live a happier life. He will not feel any pain. You need to welcome that new person in the family. In this way, children learn how to accept new relationships.

Express your emotions

Sadness is an important part of divorce for adults and children. Avoid using words that can frighten children when you are going to introduce your new love to your kids. The excessive grief, mourn and sadness can create depression and fear in children. You need to handle the children as per their sensitivity level. They know about the mood changes and environment that is not suitable for their fun.

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