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Has Covid-19 Caused a Rise In The Filing Of Divorce?

There is no doubt that Covid-19 changed the world. We have learned much in the medical field, and we have learned much in the field of science. But, perhaps we have learned the most in the field of humanity.

The virus Covid-19 started in China. While it took some time for the information and the virus to travel around the globe, it soon did. Before long, all people were forced to stay inside their homes. These places we chose to live in and arranged for our comfort became our worlds and we wanted to get out of them.

It’s not cute anymore

Do you remember when you were dating and your girlfriend would pop her chewing gum while she read a magazine? You thought that was so cute. But when you are married, and you have not been allowed to leave your apartment for a month, and you are trying to watch a movie, “pop”, “pop”. “pop” can make your skin crawl. Or you trim your toenails in the bedroom or a dozen other things.

Divorces rise as Hong Kong comes out of incubation

Hong Kong is one of the first places to come of incubation, As they stumble to recreate somewhat of a new normal, the divorce lawyer is one of the first stops. This from BBC News, between the forced closeness combined with the financial pressures was overwhelming. Some families were unable to withstand the crack. ABC News reports overwhelming numbers will file as soon as the access to do so is available. Some lawyers believe it is not just the close quarters that got their attention, it was the realization that they have a limited number of years on this planet and questioned if this is who they really wanted to spend it with. Some said money played a factor in their decision. They simply got locked in a box and had a good look at what life had to offer them. They are ready for a second chance.

Post Covid-19 divorce, maybe harder than you think

If the predictions are correct, you must have a lot of different people involved in your divorce. Your attorney files it, and your spouse files their paperwork. There are people in the courthouse who process every single piece of paper. They process yours and hundreds of more. Information is entered into the computer. To put it mildly, they move mountains of paperwork daily, and every sheet of paper must be processed correctly or your divorce may have to begin again.

This goes for your attorney’s staff as well. When the rates of divorce go up, so does the amount of work. It pays to be considerate.

Maybe you should stay

Okay, we have explained the many that will run from their marriage. They are the ones who see the bad side. They can’t take being stuck in close quarters with those they promised to love. They want to go outside. They are worried about the bank account. Maybe they are tired of eating the same food, but it could be so much worse. Now is the time to start looking for ways to put a positive spin on things. The key is to get started early. Once depression sets in, and you begin blaming each other, it is very hard to turn things around. So let’s look at some ways to put some fun in your life.

Tips to save your sanity

  • Have Sex – we might as well get this one out of the way. This is the first one on your mind. But, we warn you, unless you are careful, you might be creating a member of the next baby boomers list.
  • Use the internet and find a new hobby. Learn about volcanoes, life at the bottom of the sea, or space.
  • Exercise – turn it into a group effort
  • Have a Facebook social evening with friends.
  • Get dressed, have some wine, snacks, and gather on your Facebook Facetime. Have music, tell jokes, talk about your week.

Provided by Psychology Today

You are the pattern

The fact is, Covid-19 has never happened before. There has never been a pandemic that has hit this number of people, with a technology that is this advanced before. It is up to you how this turns out. You can come out stronger with a lesson learned or you can simply do nothing but blame people. There will be people to blame, so why not try to find a little strength for future readers.

Maybe someone reading that will be the one person who prevents the next pandemic from happening

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