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How to deal with blame as everyone do this for everything in their life?

It is a very common practice in society to blame others. I myself have the same issue of blaming others for my deeds as well as being blamed for the people around me. I believe you would be facing the same problem in your life. For me, I feel grateful for the opportunity to exercise compassion. The common problem of us is that we have decided to be a victim in our life. We believe that every bad thing is going to happen to us. No matter even if our pet dog pee on the couch, it is the dog responsible of wetting the couch with her smell full pee.

Actually, the reality is different from the thought we have developed in our minds. According to psychology, it is a habit of uncertainty and disbelieves. if I say that we don’t own the decisions we do in our day to day life then it will not be false.

Now what actually happens, we take the courage of doing something which is called some motivation. Then we start working on the same thing within our circumstances. Most of the time we fail no matter at what stage of the project of life. At that time we start blaming others for the decision we took for ourselves. For example, during my job where I am working as an employee, I planned to start my own business like alike. I start collecting funds from my own pocket, I put in a lot of personal time and I start ignoring my family. After a month or 2, I fail. Then there comes someone who will be blamed for every single failure. Even someone can be your mother, father, wife, or kids. Doing so they lose everything even which can be cured. Such people can’t listen to a single word.

Blaming others is the same reason when a happily married couple start ruining their life, day by day. Blame is the worst thing which most of the time is the reason that leads to divorce. No matter if you have children but if you start believing that this is the wrong person then there is no power which can return you from your thoughts.

How to deal with people and yourself from blaming?

The power of anxiety comes out of the act of blaming is most of the time is unignorable. The reason behind the unignorable power of blaming is something that you believe the blamer is wrong. For the reason either you start feeling bad and start arguing, right?

How to respond to blame?

The first and foremost way to respond to the blamer is a simple way. This is the only thing that can help you get out of the nasty mule of misunderstanding. Start saying, “I am sorry that you feel that way”. This doesn’t mean that you are going to accept the blame or agree that you have done something wrong. Always believe that blaming means how someone feels or take you. Once you start believing, you will step ahead of the people who blame you.

As you got to know how the blamers feel about you and they have proved with their acts, it is none of your business. Better is to examine your actions and behavior yourself. This will help you even not to extend your relationship with them.

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