The Ten Six Commandments Of Divorce

Divorce is a pretty tough experience. By the time you get in front of the judge, you are ready to scream. But, hold on just a little while longer. You have already been through meetings about child support, custody, and who should get the house. You have watched in awe as your mature spouse asks for custody of the dogs, and possession of all the baseball equipment, and his son every third weekend. You know there is so much more to come, but how you behave until the papers are signed may be the difference in where your kids live day to day and not just holidays. Understandably, he or she is dancing on your last nerve, so it is time to take a break and read your well-worn copy of, ‘The Six Commandments Of Divorce.” in case you have misplaced yours, here is a fresh copy for you.

  • Do not hide, sugar-coat, or lie to your attorney in any way, at any time. He is always on your side. Letting him find out that you are involved in something that he is unaware of will interrupt you and likewise interrupt him.
  • Do not get rid of assets that you know he wants to keep. Especially if they are heirlooms. This is a low-down thing to do. It is simply the sign of a cruel person. When you basically give away her mother’s dinner ringer or his dad’s golf clubs, they cannot be replaced. Even if you are able to find one
  • Do not incur debts in your spouse’s name. Taking out credit cards, charging up the accounts you already have together, and not being honest and up-front about the money you are spending could prompt the judge to take a closer look into your honesty with the finances you have provided to the court.
  • Do not use drugs or excessive alcohol. You may think you know your partner and you think you know what they will and will not do. However, a person going through a divorce sees their entire world falling through their fingers. They experience fear, sadness, anger, and hopelessness all at once. When they accept that you are really gone, the anger grows.

They may set out to hurt you and to gain the upper hand. This is when they tell their lawyer that you drink to the point of a blackout on weekends and part with pills like Percocet and Ecstasy on a regular basis. It is in your best interest to be drug and alcohol-free in case a drug test is requested.

  • Do not make rude, ugly, or unkind remarks about their parents, their spouse’s family, or anyone their other parent is dating in front of the children. This may be the situation where you have to be an adult and tell the children, “We don’t talk about what other people say about us.”
  • Do not turn your divorce into a social media war. Keep your divorce off of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Divorce is sad. Two people put their hearts on the line. They had babies and they built dreams. They go to know each other. Then in day-to-day life, their dreams died away. Their lives moved in different directions and their hearts got cold. It is not funny. Take the high road. Being nice doesn’t cost a dime.

I hope you learned something from this article about The Six Commandments Of Divorce. If you have any comment, please feel free.

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