Why divorce can be more stressful for the man instead of women

This is universally true that divorce emotionally impacts both, men and women, very badly. There is no doubt that both people are having a problem in their life and feeling stressed. According to the research done in this regard, the man is more prone to stress than women.  There are some reasons for that which we are going to list down here that divorce is more stressful for men.

Men find it unexpected

If the woman initiates the divorce then it is quite unexpected for men. May be due to wrong expectations, divorce can be more stressful for men. Sometimes the woman is not telling the issue to her husband and telling her family about it. Mostly, the man who is having the problem in this regard is emotionally charged and when they find that their wife is thinking about the divorce they take it very seriously.  Even, the life coaches are trying their best to teach the women and the men sort out the things or divorce is definite.

Men find it a failure

Divorce is more stressful for men for one major reason that he finds it that he was not able to fulfill the desires of his wife.  The man is not going to take professional help in his regard. He is going to take the stress on his mind and will feel that because of the failure he should be punished. Some people are also feeling that they have lost control in the house and that is why his wife is taking the divorce.

Wants to deal with the situation personally

Man is born with a dominating nature. He wants to handle everything alone and does not want to bend in front of anyone. With this ego, divorce becomes more stressful for men.  He will not share the situation with other people and contrary to the woman he will not take the personal or professional help to remove the stress. The stress of the divorce is very much and when the person is feeling emotional by the outcome of the divorce he will take it very seriously but will not be going to the extreme procedure to go out ask the help from other people even if that is his family.

Guilt and shame can destroy the man

The reason men are more prone to stress because they take it on their mind and their heart. This is because of the guilt and shame they are not able to work like they were in the past. Especially the men who are the father of the child should always remember that they will always be loved as the parent and their mother even after getting a divorce will not allow the children to forget their father.  But the man who is feeling the shame of the divorce and the failure will not think about this thing but will take it very seriously. The professional help is going to work out very much effective in this regard and the Men should remove the stress from the body and mind by taking help from the friend circle.

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