Change in holidays traditions due to COVID-19 | How to tell your kids?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world, but there is something that still excites the chaos – the holiday traditions. People have been locked inside their houses due to the novel virus, and it could lead to frustration and distress.

However, in this unexplainable and unprecedented challenge that we are all facing, children might be the worst-affected psychologically. Hence, making them understand why and how there will be a change in holiday traditions during the ongoing pandemic could be hard to say.

What is the most suitable approach for talking to your kids about holiday traditions?

The suitable approach depends on the age of the child.

Children at a young age often get disappointed a lot faster compared to teenagers. During difficult times, breaking such news could lead to complicated reactions within the family. Children are often prone to reacting desperately than adults.

Thus, it would be best if you were prepared before breaking the news. You need to acknowledge that the implemented measures in 2020 have made life annoying and disruptive. Hence, we are required to make considerable and unforeseen adjustments always.

The parents have to guide their children about the unprecedented times that the world is going through currently. The best way to teach them about anything is to act as a friend rather than a strict parent. This method has proved to be a lot more successful than the traditional approach of negative reinforcement. Everything aside, it could be quite tricky to tell your children about the change in holiday traditions.

Below are some suggestions made based upon the age group that you could benefit from:

Children of age group 0 – 3 years

The toddlers don’t usually have much awareness of the situation. The smallest age group is usually the least reactive. Instead of holidays, they would be delighted to spend enough time with you. Make the best of this time and engage in fun activities together.

 Children of age group 4 – 6 years

Another age group of children who are often rather easier to converge is between 4 and 6 years old. They are similar to toddlers, and they aren’t entirely aware of the situation. You can use the time to play various games or teach them new skills like cooking.

 Children of age group 6-12 years

It is the age group that is usually hardest to deal with as they are the most sensitive. The best way is to initiate a conversation in the friendliest way. You should then gradually build upon your discussion and talk about how COVID-19 has shaken the world and its potential risk.

However, you should always expect feelings of frustration and anger that may boil down anytime. So, forever remain calm and collected and address the entire issue.

For Teenagers

Teenagers are usually a lot more sensible. Since this age group has a lot more life experience, they are generally more understanding. Nevertheless, some kids would be disappointed when you tell them the news even in this age category.

The best way to break complicated news like this is to prepare beforehand about it. Try to acknowledge their feelings and sympathize with them. It would help you accomplish your objective and maintain the respect that your kids have for you.

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