A Very Birdnesting Christmas | What you need to know this year?

For a divorced couple making efforts in the best interest of their children, it could get hectic. When the children are young, they aren’t entirely able to comprehend the step taken by their parents. Methods like Birdnesting can provide relief.

There are also various decisions involved like the children’s custody, their care, education, etc. Such decisions could potentially affect the mental health of children.

Birdnesting is a method of ensuring the best interest of your children. It is a separation or divorce where the parents stay in the family home with their children in turns. Instead of making the children roam back and forth between the houses of their parents.

How to handle Birdnesting during Christmas

The following are some of the best ways to handle Birdnesting during Christmas.

Decorate the tree

Decorating the tree is undoubtedly one of the most engaging strategies during Christmas. Both the “parenting” parent and the other can focus on it while also ensuring that the kids are involved.

The parties can help set up the free and then decorate it afterward. It could be followed by a tea break, which could involve treats like doughnuts etc. When the other party is done cleaning up, they should leave the children with the “parenting partner.”

Christmas Eve

Christmas evening is a special day, and it could be used to relive the family traditions. Such activities have proven to develop a comfortable relationship between parents and children. Furthermore, a key benefit of Birdnesting is that it would help the kids remain closer to the family roots.

The day could involve taking the children to a traditional family church to offer prayers. When everyone returns home, they should prepare milk and cookies for Santa. Christmas stories are another exciting part for children.

Parents involved in a Birdnesting relation should always remember that they are doing it for their children. So once the kids drift to sleep, they shouldn’t be left alone with the out-of-nest partner departing. It’s because the children expect both their parents to be present together when they wake up.

So, it’s best to maintain a healthy distance in the same home. It could also get tough to get up early and travel to the parenting home. Hence, staying in the same house is the best way to cope with the busy routine of the special day.

The Christmas Feast

The Christmas feast is one of the most exciting parts of the day. There are various family dishes that people often like cooking on the day. Although it’s good if you cook yourself for the children you can instead involve them in your cooking. Not only is it a great way to teach them the family recipes, but additionally, it makes the process a lot more enjoyable.

Many children consider the feast as one of their best family tradition. So, if you are working for your children’s benefit, you must upkeep the dinner in the best possible manner. Although things could get complicated when kids get older, the feast is the best way to preserve memories.

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