A complete guide on how to contain your emotions this Christmas?

Divorce is quite a brave step that an individual takes; getting out of a marriage that is no longer emotionally fulfilling can be difficult. But, once you do take this step, there is a lot of sentiment that comes afterward. If you’ve been in a marriage for a considerably long amount of time, being on your own can seem scary and confusing for a while. While handling this independence and getting used to it, it is essential that you also keep in touch with how you are doing mentally. It can start to feel overwhelming during the holiday season, primarily so you should address these feelings and contain your emotions this Christmas.

You should be in tune with your mental well-being and how you are feeling during the ‘festive’ Christmas season. If needed, you should also get professional help.

Here’s how you can contain your emotions this Christmas

Containing your emotions this Christmas might take a lot of effort and patience. The most challenging thing about divorce is explaining everything that went down to your family and friends.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to put yourself and your comfort first. First, don’t over-explain, even if you feel like it. Sometimes, when people tend to feel anxious, they over-share and over-talk. Do not do that; you will get yourself confused.

Explaining the divorce to your children can be a tough job too. This is why, when they ask something, be vague, and share things that will satisfy their curiosity. If there is something that will only make them more upset and not benefit them emotionally, then try and keep it to yourself. Kids are sensitive; they don’t need to know that.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to be kind and composed even if you’re upset about something. You will share things with people in your life and they will be updated with everything. And, you may be upset about the ‘decisions’ you made in the past. But, don’t take the anger out on the kids, and be relaxed and calm. If there is something or a situation that triggers you, take some time out and breathe. Take, however much time you need to return to your calm self.

You are feeling low on confidence during Christmas after a divorce is entirely understandable. But, being confident will benefit you. Have faith in yourself. Although things will feel different without the shared help of your partner, be sure. Keep in mind that you are doing the best you can, and it’s okay to be a little confused sometimes.

Another thing that helps with emotional well-being is staying connected and authentic to yourself. Stay related to your ‘foundation’. It could be your upbringing or spiritual beliefs, but whatever it is, hold onto it.

Your in-tune-ness with yourself will allow you to be a better person, and a more present, better parent to your children too.

You can contain your emotions this Christmas, be dedicated to yourself, and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take it slowly.

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