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5 Activities a Single Parent can do with their Child during Covid

A single parent can find maintaining a healthy relationship with their kids difficult. This is due to their finite resources, and double the responsibilities because of the absence of a partner.

The coronavirus pandemic augmented this problem for single parents, many of whom struggled to provide entertainment to their under-stimulated, stay-at-home children.

This was partly due to fact that people were simply unfamiliar with the nature of lockdown, and thus needed some time to adapt to it. This was obviously complemented by anxiety and even depression for some. As a result, many single parents were crippled with responsibilities, and could not see to their children properly.

Regardless of this, a single parent can do various fun activities that are both enjoyable for their children, and also give them the opportunity to bond with them during Covid.

Activities to do with your Kid during Covid as a Single Parent

Explore new outdoor areas

Children are usually thrilled by outdoor adventures – ones where they can roam around freely, and leave to explore on their own! This can include visits to beaches, parks, bird sanctuaries, hills, fields, and lakes.

Make food together

A single parent can also lookup new and delicious recipes and try them with their children. Or alternatively, they can also make a favorite dish together. The internet is loaded with methods to make delicious dishes that are both simple and time-saving. You could involve your kids by making them cut any vegetables, or even making them take out utensils. So put your aprons on and get to work!

Play videogames with them

Fun activities are not limited to the things you do. You could also try doing things that your children enjoy, such as playing videogames. You could show interest by asking about videogame instructions, and playing in multiplayer mode. This will make for an entertaining, and cheerful time with your kids.

Readout stories to them

The activities that you do with your children as a single parent do not have to be completely out-of-the-box. Even traditional bedtime stories could give them the mental stimulation that they require.

You could gather all your kids into one bed and read out an interesting classic, which maintains their interest, and they want to know more. If anything, it would at least help them get a good night’s sleep.

Converse with them

Even if you don’t have the energy for effort-requiring activities after a tiring day, simply talking to your children can help develop a healthy relationship. You could ask them about their day, its highlights, and anything that may have troubled them.

This could help maintain communication, and release any stresses that your child may be facing. In return, you could share your worries or joys with them. This will help them realize that you trust and value them.

Even if giving attention to your child may be harder for you as a single parent, there are several ways to get around that. You can always look for fun things to do, that doesn’t overburden you, but also let you make the most of your and your child’s time.

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