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Creating a fresh start after divorce is key to a better future life.

create a fresh start after divorce

A divorce is a massive step in a person’s life, and it isn’t easy. However, many people often prefer it over being a part of an unhappy relationship. The reason behind a divorce might not always be the same, but one thing particular, and it’s that the old perspective of it is changing. It is vital to create a fresh start in your life to live a new and better life.

A divorce can be over various things like infidelity, lack of understanding between the spouses; it can be polite and civil or dragging and damaging.

Regardless of the situation, you might find yourself in, and the big question is what you will do after it?

How to create a fresh start after a divorce

A fresh start isn’t about forgetting everything about your past; instead, it’s a prospect of learning from it. If you have children, your situation isn’t going to be similar to individuals without them. The starting point would be moving out of the marital home because you would remember all about your ex-relationship as long as you stay there.

You can choose to live in a new area that is far from the marital home. It would allow you to explore more, and you would be making new memories.

Creating a fresh start could also be a way to finally start working on things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t because of the schedule. It might include:-

You can start studying again for a new degree, which would allow you to pursue a new career. Creating a fresh start should be revolving around learning and growing instead of remaining in a state of depression and despair.

You can start a business too and work on it full-time as it is an excellent way to get your mind off your previous life. Furthermore, it would also benefit you financially and plan a retirement fund.

Dealing with the emotions

The most challenging part of creating a fresh start is the emotional toll.  The most challenging situation arises when you can’t get out of it. There are several ways that the crisis can be overcome.

  • Creating a support system
  • Choosing a friend that you can turn to when things get tough
  • Consulting a therapist

Although all of these methods would work efficiently, the best way to deal with the emotions is by making up your mind that you won’t let divorce define you and your life. Instead, divorce should be seen as a chance of beginning a new life.

As Sun Tzu said, “in the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.”

Create a fresh start

Divorce is a massive step, but its magnitude can be enormous if not dealt with properly. Some of the most influential people worldwide have used their most challenging time to work on things they couldn’t otherwise, and you can do the same.

Once you have separated from your spouse, this could indeed be time to work on yourself. It could include working on your fitness, mental health, treating yourself, etc. Marriage is essential, but it’s not something that your life depends on, and it’s your responsibility to ensure that you are entirely invested in creating a fresh start for yourself.

Stay Safe during or after a Divorce | Tips to protect from unseen

Stay Safe during or after a Divorce

Divorce is a significant step in a person’s life that can impact every aspect of it. It is also very important to stay safe during or after a divorce for both parties. When you are looking to file for a divorce or have made up your mind, you must know the right steps. As the notion goes, “knowledge is power,” an individual needs to be aware of all the possible actions that can be taken to ensure safety and begin your new life in the best manner.

Although divorce implies a fresh start to life, you have to learn about your safety, especially if you seek a divorce after being in an abusive relationship.  Although your spouse might not have harassed you in any manner, the idea of divorce can drastically change that and expose you to greater risk.

The following are some of the essential steps that you can follow to ensure that you stay safe during or after a divorce:-

Protecting important documents

There are several essential documents that both husband and wife usually have possession and access to, but courts might order them in divorce proceedings. So, as divorce proceedings also require an inheritance discussion, it’s vital to protect documents like mortgages, life insurances, etc.

It would be best to protect other documentation like social security numbers, passports, identification cards, etc. Particularly, if you were a part of an abusive relationship, your spouse might damage these papers which could have an impact on the proceedings. So, protecting the documents is essential, and it can be vital, especially when you are trying to stay safe during or after a divorce

Canceling joint accounts and cards

If you share a joint account with your spouse, the best thing, in this case, would be to cancel it instantly. This is to ensure that there is no malicious activity performed on the other end. That activity could detrimentally impact the credit score. You can also close your private accounts and open up new ones at a different bank to ensure added safety, although anything, on the contrary, can be challenged in court.

Consulting an attorney

The most important thing that should never be compromised is contacting your attorney. Your divorce lawyer would assist you in overcoming any potential challenges and complications arising during the entire process. You need must consult an experienced divorce lawyer and provide all the details of your situation.

When consulting a lawyer, one crucial thing that you need to remember is that you would have to provide complete disclosure to avoid any complications arising later on.  It would further help you in confirming that your ex doesn’t harm you in any manner.

Learn from experience

You can find many people who would have overcome a similar situation. The best way to ensure that you properly overcome divorce. And if you have been a part of an abusive relationship, then it would help you develop situational awareness. Awareness about how you can stay safe during or after a divorce

Creating a precautionary safety plan

When going through crises, the human brain can often be prone to making bad decisions. Creating a plan beforehand would allow you to overcome this hurdle. It would be best if you considered everything you have encountered that has led you n to divorce. A safety plan can provide an essential contribution to how you can stay safe during or after a divorce.

The starting point would be to find a safe place where your ex-spouse won’t be able to harm you. You can then consider other aspects concerning financial and other matters that need to be sorted. Finally, it’s also helpful to create an activity plan that you intend on executing once everything is over. It will help you get your mind off the entire situation.

Single mom valentine’s day | How to make the most out of their day?

single mom valentine day

Valentine’s day brings joy to most individuals who love spending the day with their loved ones. However, it might not be the ideal time for single moms, particularly if they have been divorced recently. Nevertheless, Single Mom Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be tedious, boring, and dull as you don’t necessarily need to have hot dates to have the time of your life. For single moms, Valentine’s day could be a lot more than merely watching TV the entire day.

Here are 5 Single Mom Valentine’s Day ideas that would help them make the most out of their day.

Planning ahead

Apart from dates, there is a lot more than you can do on the day. You can plan a trip with your friends to your favorite movie theatre or having a fun outdoor activity. It is advised that you avoid places where you might come across various Valentine’s day dinners; instead, choose a livelier place.

Having your friends around would help you keep your mind away from other activities in your surroundings, and instead, you would be focused on having a great time.

Throwing a party

A party might be the best thing that you could have on Valentine’s Day. You can host a party on the day where everything goes according to your preferences.  There are a lot of fun activities that can be planned, especially if you have children.

You can invite other single moms with children that will benefit both you and your kids. The ideas have no limit as you can watch a horror movie, make desserts for the night, etc. Apart is a great way to ensure that the Single Mom Valentine’s Day is full of active motion. Thus she doesn’t feel lonely.

Show some self-love

Single Mom Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all dynamic and loud. Instead, if you don’t like outdoor activity or parties, then an ideal way to spend the day is to show some self-love. The classic example would be to have a Spa day and celebrate the day by pampering yourself. It could include getting a Pedicure, manicure, haircut, and a nice massage with a sauna.  You can later treat yourself to a nice dinner and dessert

Single mom valentine’s day with pet

Furry friends are lifetime companions. A poll has shown that 1 out of 5 people would rather spend the day with their furry friend than go on a date. If you don’t have a furry friend yet or you have been planning to get one for a while, there is no perfect time to have one.

Considering that pets are full of love, you can share your day with them.

Spreading the love

If you have heartbreak but overcame it, then the ideal way is to share the love. Although your situation might seem the worst, you might come across someone less fortunate. So, the best way would be to spend your day with such a person and share the importance of spreading love, and it would help you become a better person.

A Single Mom Valentine’s Day couldn’t possibly get any better than this.

Why A Vocational Evaluation Is An Important Consideration For Divorce

Vocational Evaluation

A vocational evaluation specialist may examine a spouse in a divorce case to determine their employment prospects and earning potential. In a vocational assessment study, the specialist will then record the vocational test results, which will help the court decide the amount and length of spousal and childcare costs.

Why does a vocational expert do it? 

  • Assess a spouse’s present potential earning ability and employability.
  • Evaluate a spouse’s attempts to seek jobs, start a company, or pursue a possible career through advanced education.
  • Determine the cost of future career opportunities and the length of schooling and training.
  • Estimate the time it would take for a partner in the current labor market to find jobs.
  • Compare real earnings to a spouse’s perspective earning potential.
  • Demonstrate the lack of schooling, work-related abilities, and gaining the power of a spouse
  • Determine the degree to which variables such as age, physical health, and emotional health restrict employability.
  • Identify child care expenses arising from the return to work of a parent.

What are the benefits of a vocational expert for divorce? 

A vocational specialist’s appointment to perform an examination of you or your spouse during a divorce has various advantages. In particular, spouses intending to pursue alimony should consider receiving a vocational assessment. The future earning capacity is directly linked to the number of divorce settlements a court is willing to grant.

In reality, only if the supposed need for such compensation can be represented by factual investigations, such as evidence given by an expert, can the courts grant child support to a group.

In comparison, a skilled appraisal specialist’s views may also be used to display the imputed income, which is particularly relevant in situations where one spouse is jobless and receives child support payments.

What are the significant functions of Vocational Evaluation Divorce experts? 

Finally, there is also a significant function of Vocational Evaluation Divorce when it comes to:

  • Showing a change in earning ability due to a substantial change in life, such as a severe illness, remarriage, or the birth of a child;
  • Rebutting the claim of someone that his or her wife makes far more than he or she does;
  • Terminating fees for alimony; and
  • Determining the child maintenance responsibility of a non-custodial parent.
  • Showing a reasonable understanding of your prospects for employability and earning.
  • Showing and determining employability or making potential after a shift in living conditions.

Where to contact a professional appraisal service for divorce? 

Vocational Assessment is an instructional mechanism in which, through participating in work programs intended to assess vocational capabilities, desires, and capacities, a client obtains greater self- and work awareness.

In conjunction with their career opportunities, clients hear about the practical effects of their disability. They also talk about assistive technologies and the appropriate equipment and accommodations to eliminate work obstacles.

The appraisal process promotes personal interest in job preparation and progress and empowers consumers by growing their personality in the moral decision.

Vocational Evaluation Divorce lawyers know that vocational assessments are becoming more common in disputed family law litigation for financial.

Resultantly, to secure a reasonable reward of divorce settlement support and child support in your case, the use of a vocational specialist might be to your most significant advantage.


About author: Lawyers have used OAS occupational advisors to cross the divide between medical data related to disabilities and economic studies that predict potential harm. Experience in recovery, employment opportunities, and earning capacity helps an OAS rehabilitation specialist assist and improve medical and financial expert testimony and advise the jury on the impact of disability on an individual’s employment and earning capacity.

Buying a house after divorce | What to consider to make it possible?

buying a house after divorce

Divorce isn’t an easy step in a person’s life. Apart from the emotional consequences attached to it, the follow-up process, particularly relating to legal matters, can be draining for health, energy, and finances.

Divorce is much more than a legal process, it has a toll on your emotional state, and it can also impact the way you live. A challenging task relating to life after divorce can be finding a new location to live in. It can be hard to find a new house after sharing one with your ex companion. However, you can make it easier by considering the steps mentioned below.

Settle Any Litigation

Buying a house after divorce can quickly get shambolic. It can also place the buyer at substantial risk. Dependent on your condition, your capital could be changed considerably after your divorce is settled.

Your spouse might acquire a right over your salary, or you may be rewarded payments by the court. Purchasing a new house while being in the middle of the process can get hectic, especially when you have limited funds available. Additionally, buying a home that you can’t afford, which could include an expensive mortgage payment, would be even more stressful.

Owning a separate house (from your ex-spouse) can result in penalties from the courts. Although you might be eager for a change, its best to wait and settle any litigations before proceeding with it

Taking it slow

Divorce isn’t an overnight process, especially when you have assets involved. You might seek to sell or lease your old apartment. If it is a disputed house, then you might even need court approval before selling it. Thus, it is essential to make the process of buying a house after divorce slow.

So when you are in the middle of such circumstances, it’s better not to stress out and rush the process. So when going through the process, it’s recommended that you take a break and consider your options calmly. You can enter into a short lease contract on an apartment or stay with your friends or family while hunting for the ideal property.

Assessing the financial health

Divorce can impact your financial health. It can cause havoc on carefully considered budgets. It would help if you thought of all sorts of aspects, including the available funds, legal fees, taxation, and changes in assets and these factors can impact your approach to the housing market.

So before buying a house after a divorce, always consider your financial health and ensure that you don’t settle for any onerous terms in the contract.

Selecting an expert realtor

Traversing the housing market is hard, and the difficulty could even increase when you’ve just had a divorce. You can find several realtors who are specialists in assisting individuals trying to catch their breath following a divorce. It might be the skill you require when your schedule is in chaos. The realtors recognize the person’s situation and can guide them on the ideal locations based on the condition.  They are aware of the person’s financial health and identify their circumstances, which are vital specialists. They could help in buying a house after a divorce in the most ideal conditions.

Life afterward divorce is different; however, it’s also a prospect of shaping your life according to your preferences. Purchasing a new house is a big part of the latest chapter in your life, which could open the gates for several more that would eventually follow up.

5 reasons why Surrogacy may be helpful in saving your marriage?


Surrogacy comes with a quite unusual but natural way of saving your marriages. It is quite common for people to consider pregnancy as their top option when it comes to starting a family. It could take many forms such as pregnancy between two people, a single parent, or surrogacy. Adoption is usually the last resort, though thousands of children are adopted by many couples, each year. Today we shall discuss 5 reasons why surrogacy may help in saving your marriage.

Surrogacy Fulfills the Normal Desire to Pass Own Genes

Most organisms pass on their genes to their young ones. This instinct is no mystery to humans, who also take pride in procreating using their own genetic code. People may want their future generations to carry on their physical and emotional characteristics long after they are gone. Therefore, surrogacy can help fulfill this desire to have children who share common traits with their parents.

Through surrogacy, Better Information about Genetic History

People with chronic conditions or otherwise are aware that these conditions may well be found within their children. A person who has had a family history with heart disease would know that their children are likely to suffer from it, too. This is not the case with adoption as the parent would not be clear about any possible complications that their adopted child may show in the future. Thereby, people may hesitate to adopt, and prefer surrogacy.

However, grave genetic diseases may also keep people from having children of their own, and they may go for adoption instead.

The to-be Mother’s Diet and Lifestyle can be Monitored More Closely

A pregnant woman’s diet and lifestyle can be observed more closely. This allows for the birth of a healthy baby and minimizes the risk of complications. Surrogates also have to pass a thorough health test to be allowed to carry children. This ups the chances of a smooth pregnancy.

Close contact with the surrogate can also be maintained which enables parents to be present in each stage of the process. This is unlike adoption, in which the pregnancy part is already done and dusted.

There is also uncertainty about the routine of the mother during pregnancy. No one can tell if she was fed properly, received enough sleep, and did not consume any harmful substances. This makes room for tentativeness when going for adoption.

The Adoption Process can Be Painstaking

Adoption comes with its own legal protocols, which are both time-consuming and complicated. Multiple background checks and home studies may be done, paired with numerous other prerequisites. This can take even years before you are able to adopt your child. This way, adoption may become much more complex than surrogacy.

Older Kids may have a History of Abuse

Certain lifestyles and physical hurdles can make it hard for people to adopt infants or younger kids. Older children may be their only options. However, there is a higher risk of older children to have histories of neglect and abuse under state guardianship, or even with their original or foster parents.

This may lead to the child carrying years of trauma into their new home. Unless sought help for, the trauma may make the child difficult to raise. Also, psychotherapy may require additional costs which could be hard to pay.

This is why surrogacy may be more preferable.

5 Activities a Single Parent can do with their Child during Covid

5 Activities a Single Parent can do with their Child during Covid

A single parent can find maintaining a healthy relationship with their kids difficult. This is due to their finite resources, and double the responsibilities because of the absence of a partner.

The coronavirus pandemic augmented this problem for single parents, many of whom struggled to provide entertainment to their under-stimulated, stay-at-home children.

This was partly due to fact that people were simply unfamiliar with the nature of lockdown, and thus needed some time to adapt to it. This was obviously complemented by anxiety and even depression for some. As a result, many single parents were crippled with responsibilities, and could not see to their children properly.

Regardless of this, a single parent can do various fun activities that are both enjoyable for their children, and also give them the opportunity to bond with them during Covid.

Activities to do with your Kid during Covid as a Single Parent

Explore new outdoor areas

Children are usually thrilled by outdoor adventures – ones where they can roam around freely, and leave to explore on their own! This can include visits to beaches, parks, bird sanctuaries, hills, fields, and lakes.

Make food together

A single parent can also lookup new and delicious recipes and try them with their children. Or alternatively, they can also make a favorite dish together. The internet is loaded with methods to make delicious dishes that are both simple and time-saving. You could involve your kids by making them cut any vegetables, or even making them take out utensils. So put your aprons on and get to work!

Play videogames with them

Fun activities are not limited to the things you do. You could also try doing things that your children enjoy, such as playing videogames. You could show interest by asking about videogame instructions, and playing in multiplayer mode. This will make for an entertaining, and cheerful time with your kids.

Readout stories to them

The activities that you do with your children as a single parent do not have to be completely out-of-the-box. Even traditional bedtime stories could give them the mental stimulation that they require.

You could gather all your kids into one bed and read out an interesting classic, which maintains their interest, and they want to know more. If anything, it would at least help them get a good night’s sleep.

Converse with them

Even if you don’t have the energy for effort-requiring activities after a tiring day, simply talking to your children can help develop a healthy relationship. You could ask them about their day, its highlights, and anything that may have troubled them.

This could help maintain communication, and release any stresses that your child may be facing. In return, you could share your worries or joys with them. This will help them realize that you trust and value them.

Even if giving attention to your child may be harder for you as a single parent, there are several ways to get around that. You can always look for fun things to do, that doesn’t overburden you, but also let you make the most of your and your child’s time.

A complete guide on how to contain your emotions this Christmas?

how you can contain your emotions this Christmas

Divorce is quite a brave step that an individual takes; getting out of a marriage that is no longer emotionally fulfilling can be difficult. But, once you do take this step, there is a lot of sentiment that comes afterward. If you’ve been in a marriage for a considerably long amount of time, being on your own can seem scary and confusing for a while. While handling this independence and getting used to it, it is essential that you also keep in touch with how you are doing mentally. It can start to feel overwhelming during the holiday season, primarily so you should address these feelings and contain your emotions this Christmas.

You should be in tune with your mental well-being and how you are feeling during the ‘festive’ Christmas season. If needed, you should also get professional help.

Here’s how you can contain your emotions this Christmas

Containing your emotions this Christmas might take a lot of effort and patience. The most challenging thing about divorce is explaining everything that went down to your family and friends.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to put yourself and your comfort first. First, don’t over-explain, even if you feel like it. Sometimes, when people tend to feel anxious, they over-share and over-talk. Do not do that; you will get yourself confused.

Explaining the divorce to your children can be a tough job too. This is why, when they ask something, be vague, and share things that will satisfy their curiosity. If there is something that will only make them more upset and not benefit them emotionally, then try and keep it to yourself. Kids are sensitive; they don’t need to know that.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to be kind and composed even if you’re upset about something. You will share things with people in your life and they will be updated with everything. And, you may be upset about the ‘decisions’ you made in the past. But, don’t take the anger out on the kids, and be relaxed and calm. If there is something or a situation that triggers you, take some time out and breathe. Take, however much time you need to return to your calm self.

You are feeling low on confidence during Christmas after a divorce is entirely understandable. But, being confident will benefit you. Have faith in yourself. Although things will feel different without the shared help of your partner, be sure. Keep in mind that you are doing the best you can, and it’s okay to be a little confused sometimes.

Another thing that helps with emotional well-being is staying connected and authentic to yourself. Stay related to your ‘foundation’. It could be your upbringing or spiritual beliefs, but whatever it is, hold onto it.

Your in-tune-ness with yourself will allow you to be a better person, and a more present, better parent to your children too.

You can contain your emotions this Christmas, be dedicated to yourself, and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take it slowly.

Eight mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney

mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney

Mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney is the key to create your future life secure. Yes, finding a divorce attorney isn’t a straightforward task. Divorce is one of the most vital decisions in many people’s lives. Considering the seriousness of the decision and the stressful situation that you might be exposed to, it can get confusing to take the right steps.

Having the right attorney will help you get through the process confidently while also providing the best possible advice.

Choosing the right divorce attorney is extremely important because it will help you proceed with the divorce agreement. Some people often choose the wrong lawyers and end up fighting multiple legal battles. Hence, here are the eight mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney.

Inexperienced lawyers

The main problem with inexperienced attorneys is that they are unaware of the complexities involved in legal matters. This is one of the mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney. Hence, you should try and go for attorneys who have a high level of expertise in the field.

There could also be matters of inheritance involved, and an inexperienced lawyer might not work be best suited for it.

Unnecessarily waiting

Divorce is a serious decision, and it isn’t sudden. Thus, if you are going through a conflict, and you would likely end up separating from your spouse, you should instantly consider legal representation.

It will help you to get your head around the process and the costs involved in the process.

Relying completely on recommendations

The first thing that people often do when they face a tricky situation is to call their friends. Although your friends can make some good recommendations, you shouldn’t necessarily follow what they say. Instead, you can explore your options and choose the best one for you.

If you have a friend who’s divorced and he recommends an attorney, then it’s also important to appreciate that what worked for your friend might not necessarily be the answer for you.

Lacking Research

One of the mistakes to avoid in searching for a divorce attorney is the lack of research.  Although you might find attorneys everywhere to help you with the divorce agreement, you need to have a more in-depth look.

You can also use Google to find the attorneys nearby and then research them individually. However, an essential thing that you need to note with them is that they should be highly qualified for the job.

You can also use legal directory websites to find the best attorney near you.

Not Exploiting Free Consultations

Not exploiting free consultations is undeniably one of the most significant mistakes to avoid searching for a divorce attorney. Many lawyers offer free consultations like the first few sessions that allow the client to build a relationship with them.

It is the best way to know the attorney, and you can also check if the person would be willing to help you in all the matters relating to the agreement

Going unprepared for the initial consultation

It would be best if you were completely prepared with a set of questions before your initial consultation. It is imperative to remember the sensitive topics that you might glide past unnoticed.

Not making a budget

Attorneys aren’t always cheap, especially when you opt for someone with a high level of expertise. Thus It is so crucial that you first make a budget and manage it accordingly.

Not being open

Not being open and honest with your attorney is among the mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney. You should always be open and descriptive with the lawyer, notifying them of any complications in the relationship.

Financial benefits of divorce | Less talked topic when couples split

financial benefits of divorce

Even when we don’t talk about it often, most couples across the world certainly argue on one common thing at some point in life: finances. Hence, when they are split, there certainly are some financial benefits of divorce.

When the couple splits, you might worry about making the ends meet as the income will obviously be slashed to half. However, there are certain financial benefits as well that create the silver lining.

Here are some of the significant financial benefits of divorce

More control, fewer fights

The end of a relationship means the end of fights over money. Now, you do not need to prioritize and spend on non-personal expenses, hence giving you more control over money.

So not only does it mean freedom from financial disputes, but also now you can build up more savings for yourself and paying off debt. This will enable you to do things that you love as well: like traveling more and treating yourself better.

Early, penalty-free withdrawal of retirement fund

Divorce is among a few reasons that allow you to withdraw money from retirement funds without any penalty, according to qualified domestic relations order agreement. This amount is exclusive of the 10% penalty assessed to those younger than the age of 59 years, however, the tax still levies.

Better investment returns – especially for women

Some financial benefits of divorce generally are pro-women. According to industry experts, men take a more aggressive approach to investments and take more risks. On the contrary, women pursue more thought-out financial decisions.

According to an analysis report by Fidelity Investments, women are less likely to fully invest in equities and hence were noticed to earn marginally better gains than men.

After divorce, women also get the independence to plan out their retirement planning, which is financially rewarding in the longer run.

Increase in financial aid for kids

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging affair for the children, however, one sphere that will most likely be eased out for them is college financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid only asks for details of one custodial parent rather than both. As the divorce lowers your income, it can be termed as one of the financial benefits of divorce, as it puts your kid in a better position to get financial aid.

Social security benefits for old divorcees

If the couple decides to split their paths at an older age, they can file for Social Security Spousal benefits. You are eligible for these benefits if you have been married for over 10 years, and your spouse is over the age of 62 years.

In the case of married people, the partner has to wait for the other to claim these benefits. While in the case of divorcees, this is not the case

Also, claiming the social security will neither affect your ex’s income nor yours, even if you remarry.

While divorce can be difficult, these financial benefits of divorce can actually lead to more independence and a better lifestyle in the longer run.