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Buying a house after divorce | What to consider to make it possible?

buying a house after divorce

Divorce isn’t an easy step in a person’s life. Apart from the emotional consequences attached to it, the follow-up process, particularly relating to legal matters, can be draining for health, energy, and finances.

Divorce is much more than a legal process, it has a toll on your emotional state, and it can also impact the way you live. A challenging task relating to life after divorce can be finding a new location to live in. It can be hard to find a new house after sharing one with your ex companion. However, you can make it easier by considering the steps mentioned below.

Settle Any Litigation

Buying a house after divorce can quickly get shambolic. It can also place the buyer at substantial risk. Dependent on your condition, your capital could be changed considerably after your divorce is settled.

Your spouse might acquire a right over your salary, or you may be rewarded payments by the court. Purchasing a new house while being in the middle of the process can get hectic, especially when you have limited funds available. Additionally, buying a home that you can’t afford, which could include an expensive mortgage payment, would be even more stressful.

Owning a separate house (from your ex-spouse) can result in penalties from the courts. Although you might be eager for a change, its best to wait and settle any litigations before proceeding with it

Taking it slow

Divorce isn’t an overnight process, especially when you have assets involved. You might seek to sell or lease your old apartment. If it is a disputed house, then you might even need court approval before selling it. Thus, it is essential to make the process of buying a house after divorce slow.

So when you are in the middle of such circumstances, it’s better not to stress out and rush the process. So when going through the process, it’s recommended that you take a break and consider your options calmly. You can enter into a short lease contract on an apartment or stay with your friends or family while hunting for the ideal property.

Assessing the financial health

Divorce can impact your financial health. It can cause havoc on carefully considered budgets. It would help if you thought of all sorts of aspects, including the available funds, legal fees, taxation, and changes in assets and these factors can impact your approach to the housing market.

So before buying a house after a divorce, always consider your financial health and ensure that you don’t settle for any onerous terms in the contract.

Selecting an expert realtor

Traversing the housing market is hard, and the difficulty could even increase when you’ve just had a divorce. You can find several realtors who are specialists in assisting individuals trying to catch their breath following a divorce. It might be the skill you require when your schedule is in chaos. The realtors recognize the person’s situation and can guide them on the ideal locations based on the condition.  They are aware of the person’s financial health and identify their circumstances, which are vital specialists. They could help in buying a house after a divorce in the most ideal conditions.

Life afterward divorce is different; however, it’s also a prospect of shaping your life according to your preferences. Purchasing a new house is a big part of the latest chapter in your life, which could open the gates for several more that would eventually follow up.

5 reasons why Surrogacy may be helpful in saving your marriage?


Surrogacy comes with a quite unusual but natural way of saving your marriages. It is quite common for people to consider pregnancy as their top option when it comes to starting a family. It could take many forms such as pregnancy between two people, a single parent, or surrogacy. Adoption is usually the last resort, though thousands of children are adopted by many couples, each year. Today we shall discuss 5 reasons why surrogacy may help in saving your marriage.

Surrogacy Fulfills the Normal Desire to Pass Own Genes

Most organisms pass on their genes to their young ones. This instinct is no mystery to humans, who also take pride in procreating using their own genetic code. People may want their future generations to carry on their physical and emotional characteristics long after they are gone. Therefore, surrogacy can help fulfill this desire to have children who share common traits with their parents.

Through surrogacy, Better Information about Genetic History

People with chronic conditions or otherwise are aware that these conditions may well be found within their children. A person who has had a family history with heart disease would know that their children are likely to suffer from it, too. This is not the case with adoption as the parent would not be clear about any possible complications that their adopted child may show in the future. Thereby, people may hesitate to adopt, and prefer surrogacy.

However, grave genetic diseases may also keep people from having children of their own, and they may go for adoption instead.

The to-be Mother’s Diet and Lifestyle can be Monitored More Closely

A pregnant woman’s diet and lifestyle can be observed more closely. This allows for the birth of a healthy baby and minimizes the risk of complications. Surrogates also have to pass a thorough health test to be allowed to carry children. This ups the chances of a smooth pregnancy.

Close contact with the surrogate can also be maintained which enables parents to be present in each stage of the process. This is unlike adoption, in which the pregnancy part is already done and dusted.

There is also uncertainty about the routine of the mother during pregnancy. No one can tell if she was fed properly, received enough sleep, and did not consume any harmful substances. This makes room for tentativeness when going for adoption.

The Adoption Process can Be Painstaking

Adoption comes with its own legal protocols, which are both time-consuming and complicated. Multiple background checks and home studies may be done, paired with numerous other prerequisites. This can take even years before you are able to adopt your child. This way, adoption may become much more complex than surrogacy.

Older Kids may have a History of Abuse

Certain lifestyles and physical hurdles can make it hard for people to adopt infants or younger kids. Older children may be their only options. However, there is a higher risk of older children to have histories of neglect and abuse under state guardianship, or even with their original or foster parents.

This may lead to the child carrying years of trauma into their new home. Unless sought help for, the trauma may make the child difficult to raise. Also, psychotherapy may require additional costs which could be hard to pay.

This is why surrogacy may be more preferable.

5 Activities a Single Parent can do with their Child during Covid

5 Activities a Single Parent can do with their Child during Covid

A single parent can find maintaining a healthy relationship with their kids difficult. This is due to their finite resources, and double the responsibilities because of the absence of a partner.

The coronavirus pandemic augmented this problem for single parents, many of whom struggled to provide entertainment to their under-stimulated, stay-at-home children.

This was partly due to fact that people were simply unfamiliar with the nature of lockdown, and thus needed some time to adapt to it. This was obviously complemented by anxiety and even depression for some. As a result, many single parents were crippled with responsibilities, and could not see to their children properly.

Regardless of this, a single parent can do various fun activities that are both enjoyable for their children, and also give them the opportunity to bond with them during Covid.

Activities to do with your Kid during Covid as a Single Parent

Explore new outdoor areas

Children are usually thrilled by outdoor adventures – ones where they can roam around freely, and leave to explore on their own! This can include visits to beaches, parks, bird sanctuaries, hills, fields, and lakes.

Make food together

A single parent can also lookup new and delicious recipes and try them with their children. Or alternatively, they can also make a favorite dish together. The internet is loaded with methods to make delicious dishes that are both simple and time-saving. You could involve your kids by making them cut any vegetables, or even making them take out utensils. So put your aprons on and get to work!

Play videogames with them

Fun activities are not limited to the things you do. You could also try doing things that your children enjoy, such as playing videogames. You could show interest by asking about videogame instructions, and playing in multiplayer mode. This will make for an entertaining, and cheerful time with your kids.

Readout stories to them

The activities that you do with your children as a single parent do not have to be completely out-of-the-box. Even traditional bedtime stories could give them the mental stimulation that they require.

You could gather all your kids into one bed and read out an interesting classic, which maintains their interest, and they want to know more. If anything, it would at least help them get a good night’s sleep.

Converse with them

Even if you don’t have the energy for effort-requiring activities after a tiring day, simply talking to your children can help develop a healthy relationship. You could ask them about their day, its highlights, and anything that may have troubled them.

This could help maintain communication, and release any stresses that your child may be facing. In return, you could share your worries or joys with them. This will help them realize that you trust and value them.

Even if giving attention to your child may be harder for you as a single parent, there are several ways to get around that. You can always look for fun things to do, that doesn’t overburden you, but also let you make the most of your and your child’s time.

A complete guide on how to contain your emotions this Christmas?

how you can contain your emotions this Christmas

Divorce is quite a brave step that an individual takes; getting out of a marriage that is no longer emotionally fulfilling can be difficult. But, once you do take this step, there is a lot of sentiment that comes afterward. If you’ve been in a marriage for a considerably long amount of time, being on your own can seem scary and confusing for a while. While handling this independence and getting used to it, it is essential that you also keep in touch with how you are doing mentally. It can start to feel overwhelming during the holiday season, primarily so you should address these feelings and contain your emotions this Christmas.

You should be in tune with your mental well-being and how you are feeling during the ‘festive’ Christmas season. If needed, you should also get professional help.

Here’s how you can contain your emotions this Christmas

Containing your emotions this Christmas might take a lot of effort and patience. The most challenging thing about divorce is explaining everything that went down to your family and friends.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to put yourself and your comfort first. First, don’t over-explain, even if you feel like it. Sometimes, when people tend to feel anxious, they over-share and over-talk. Do not do that; you will get yourself confused.

Explaining the divorce to your children can be a tough job too. This is why, when they ask something, be vague, and share things that will satisfy their curiosity. If there is something that will only make them more upset and not benefit them emotionally, then try and keep it to yourself. Kids are sensitive; they don’t need to know that.

To contain your emotions this Christmas means to be kind and composed even if you’re upset about something. You will share things with people in your life and they will be updated with everything. And, you may be upset about the ‘decisions’ you made in the past. But, don’t take the anger out on the kids, and be relaxed and calm. If there is something or a situation that triggers you, take some time out and breathe. Take, however much time you need to return to your calm self.

You are feeling low on confidence during Christmas after a divorce is entirely understandable. But, being confident will benefit you. Have faith in yourself. Although things will feel different without the shared help of your partner, be sure. Keep in mind that you are doing the best you can, and it’s okay to be a little confused sometimes.

Another thing that helps with emotional well-being is staying connected and authentic to yourself. Stay related to your ‘foundation’. It could be your upbringing or spiritual beliefs, but whatever it is, hold onto it.

Your in-tune-ness with yourself will allow you to be a better person, and a more present, better parent to your children too.

You can contain your emotions this Christmas, be dedicated to yourself, and don’t be too harsh on yourself. Take it slowly.

Eight mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney

mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney

Mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney is the key to create your future life secure. Yes, finding a divorce attorney isn’t a straightforward task. Divorce is one of the most vital decisions in many people’s lives. Considering the seriousness of the decision and the stressful situation that you might be exposed to, it can get confusing to take the right steps.

Having the right attorney will help you get through the process confidently while also providing the best possible advice.

Choosing the right divorce attorney is extremely important because it will help you proceed with the divorce agreement. Some people often choose the wrong lawyers and end up fighting multiple legal battles. Hence, here are the eight mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney.

Inexperienced lawyers

The main problem with inexperienced attorneys is that they are unaware of the complexities involved in legal matters. This is one of the mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney. Hence, you should try and go for attorneys who have a high level of expertise in the field.

There could also be matters of inheritance involved, and an inexperienced lawyer might not work be best suited for it.

Unnecessarily waiting

Divorce is a serious decision, and it isn’t sudden. Thus, if you are going through a conflict, and you would likely end up separating from your spouse, you should instantly consider legal representation.

It will help you to get your head around the process and the costs involved in the process.

Relying completely on recommendations

The first thing that people often do when they face a tricky situation is to call their friends. Although your friends can make some good recommendations, you shouldn’t necessarily follow what they say. Instead, you can explore your options and choose the best one for you.

If you have a friend who’s divorced and he recommends an attorney, then it’s also important to appreciate that what worked for your friend might not necessarily be the answer for you.

Lacking Research

One of the mistakes to avoid in searching for a divorce attorney is the lack of research.  Although you might find attorneys everywhere to help you with the divorce agreement, you need to have a more in-depth look.

You can also use Google to find the attorneys nearby and then research them individually. However, an essential thing that you need to note with them is that they should be highly qualified for the job.

You can also use legal directory websites to find the best attorney near you.

Not Exploiting Free Consultations

Not exploiting free consultations is undeniably one of the most significant mistakes to avoid searching for a divorce attorney. Many lawyers offer free consultations like the first few sessions that allow the client to build a relationship with them.

It is the best way to know the attorney, and you can also check if the person would be willing to help you in all the matters relating to the agreement

Going unprepared for the initial consultation

It would be best if you were completely prepared with a set of questions before your initial consultation. It is imperative to remember the sensitive topics that you might glide past unnoticed.

Not making a budget

Attorneys aren’t always cheap, especially when you opt for someone with a high level of expertise. Thus It is so crucial that you first make a budget and manage it accordingly.

Not being open

Not being open and honest with your attorney is among the mistakes to avoid in searching divorce attorney. You should always be open and descriptive with the lawyer, notifying them of any complications in the relationship.

Financial benefits of divorce | Less talked topic when couples split

financial benefits of divorce

Even when we don’t talk about it often, most couples across the world certainly argue on one common thing at some point in life: finances. Hence, when they are split, there certainly are some financial benefits of divorce.

When the couple splits, you might worry about making the ends meet as the income will obviously be slashed to half. However, there are certain financial benefits as well that create the silver lining.

Here are some of the significant financial benefits of divorce

More control, fewer fights

The end of a relationship means the end of fights over money. Now, you do not need to prioritize and spend on non-personal expenses, hence giving you more control over money.

So not only does it mean freedom from financial disputes, but also now you can build up more savings for yourself and paying off debt. This will enable you to do things that you love as well: like traveling more and treating yourself better.

Early, penalty-free withdrawal of retirement fund

Divorce is among a few reasons that allow you to withdraw money from retirement funds without any penalty, according to qualified domestic relations order agreement. This amount is exclusive of the 10% penalty assessed to those younger than the age of 59 years, however, the tax still levies.

Better investment returns – especially for women

Some financial benefits of divorce generally are pro-women. According to industry experts, men take a more aggressive approach to investments and take more risks. On the contrary, women pursue more thought-out financial decisions.

According to an analysis report by Fidelity Investments, women are less likely to fully invest in equities and hence were noticed to earn marginally better gains than men.

After divorce, women also get the independence to plan out their retirement planning, which is financially rewarding in the longer run.

Increase in financial aid for kids

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging affair for the children, however, one sphere that will most likely be eased out for them is college financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid only asks for details of one custodial parent rather than both. As the divorce lowers your income, it can be termed as one of the financial benefits of divorce, as it puts your kid in a better position to get financial aid.

Social security benefits for old divorcees

If the couple decides to split their paths at an older age, they can file for Social Security Spousal benefits. You are eligible for these benefits if you have been married for over 10 years, and your spouse is over the age of 62 years.

In the case of married people, the partner has to wait for the other to claim these benefits. While in the case of divorcees, this is not the case

Also, claiming the social security will neither affect your ex’s income nor yours, even if you remarry.

While divorce can be difficult, these financial benefits of divorce can actually lead to more independence and a better lifestyle in the longer run.

A Very Birdnesting Christmas | What you need to know this year?

Birdnesting Christmas

For a divorced couple making efforts in the best interest of their children, it could get hectic. When the children are young, they aren’t entirely able to comprehend the step taken by their parents. Methods like Birdnesting can provide relief.

There are also various decisions involved like the children’s custody, their care, education, etc. Such decisions could potentially affect the mental health of children.

Birdnesting is a method of ensuring the best interest of your children. It is a separation or divorce where the parents stay in the family home with their children in turns. Instead of making the children roam back and forth between the houses of their parents.

How to handle Birdnesting during Christmas

The following are some of the best ways to handle Birdnesting during Christmas.

Decorate the tree

Decorating the tree is undoubtedly one of the most engaging strategies during Christmas. Both the “parenting” parent and the other can focus on it while also ensuring that the kids are involved.

The parties can help set up the free and then decorate it afterward. It could be followed by a tea break, which could involve treats like doughnuts etc. When the other party is done cleaning up, they should leave the children with the “parenting partner.”

Christmas Eve

Christmas evening is a special day, and it could be used to relive the family traditions. Such activities have proven to develop a comfortable relationship between parents and children. Furthermore, a key benefit of Birdnesting is that it would help the kids remain closer to the family roots.

The day could involve taking the children to a traditional family church to offer prayers. When everyone returns home, they should prepare milk and cookies for Santa. Christmas stories are another exciting part for children.

Parents involved in a Birdnesting relation should always remember that they are doing it for their children. So once the kids drift to sleep, they shouldn’t be left alone with the out-of-nest partner departing. It’s because the children expect both their parents to be present together when they wake up.

So, it’s best to maintain a healthy distance in the same home. It could also get tough to get up early and travel to the parenting home. Hence, staying in the same house is the best way to cope with the busy routine of the special day.

The Christmas Feast

The Christmas feast is one of the most exciting parts of the day. There are various family dishes that people often like cooking on the day. Although it’s good if you cook yourself for the children you can instead involve them in your cooking. Not only is it a great way to teach them the family recipes, but additionally, it makes the process a lot more enjoyable.

Many children consider the feast as one of their best family tradition. So, if you are working for your children’s benefit, you must upkeep the dinner in the best possible manner. Although things could get complicated when kids get older, the feast is the best way to preserve memories.

Change in holidays traditions due to COVID-19 | How to tell your kids?

Change in holidays traditions due to COVID-19 - How to tell your kids

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the entire world, but there is something that still excites the chaos – the holiday traditions. People have been locked inside their houses due to the novel virus, and it could lead to frustration and distress.

However, in this unexplainable and unprecedented challenge that we are all facing, children might be the worst-affected psychologically. Hence, making them understand why and how there will be a change in holiday traditions during the ongoing pandemic could be hard to say.

What is the most suitable approach for talking to your kids about holiday traditions?

The suitable approach depends on the age of the child.

Children at a young age often get disappointed a lot faster compared to teenagers. During difficult times, breaking such news could lead to complicated reactions within the family. Children are often prone to reacting desperately than adults.

Thus, it would be best if you were prepared before breaking the news. You need to acknowledge that the implemented measures in 2020 have made life annoying and disruptive. Hence, we are required to make considerable and unforeseen adjustments always.

The parents have to guide their children about the unprecedented times that the world is going through currently. The best way to teach them about anything is to act as a friend rather than a strict parent. This method has proved to be a lot more successful than the traditional approach of negative reinforcement. Everything aside, it could be quite tricky to tell your children about the change in holiday traditions.

Below are some suggestions made based upon the age group that you could benefit from:

Children of age group 0 – 3 years

The toddlers don’t usually have much awareness of the situation. The smallest age group is usually the least reactive. Instead of holidays, they would be delighted to spend enough time with you. Make the best of this time and engage in fun activities together.

 Children of age group 4 – 6 years

Another age group of children who are often rather easier to converge is between 4 and 6 years old. They are similar to toddlers, and they aren’t entirely aware of the situation. You can use the time to play various games or teach them new skills like cooking.

 Children of age group 6-12 years

It is the age group that is usually hardest to deal with as they are the most sensitive. The best way is to initiate a conversation in the friendliest way. You should then gradually build upon your discussion and talk about how COVID-19 has shaken the world and its potential risk.

However, you should always expect feelings of frustration and anger that may boil down anytime. So, forever remain calm and collected and address the entire issue.

For Teenagers

Teenagers are usually a lot more sensible. Since this age group has a lot more life experience, they are generally more understanding. Nevertheless, some kids would be disappointed when you tell them the news even in this age category.

The best way to break complicated news like this is to prepare beforehand about it. Try to acknowledge their feelings and sympathize with them. It would help you accomplish your objective and maintain the respect that your kids have for you.

Is Divorce a Terrible Event or an Opportunity to Reveal Yourself?


Navigating Divorce: How to Heal Yourself After a Marriage Separation

Marriage SeparationThe rupture of a marriage can be an extremely traumatic event. Divorce is common in modern society, but this does not make it any easier to process emotionally. Our article reviews some of the ways that you can move forward after a separation.

Divorce is often compared to a battle because of the emotional toll it takes on all parties involved. Even beyond the emotional component, marriage binds every aspect of our lives – financial pressures, child-rearing, property ownership – to our spouse. Disentangling all this can be tricky.

Many people also struggle to move on romantically after they get a divorce. Certain dating sites may cater to your needs more than others, so it’s worth checking out a Dating Ranking site before you start. While divorce can be tough psychologically, our article examines ways to get through it and use your experience as a chance for personal growth.

Why Do Marriages Fail?

Every relationship is different and faces different struggles. For this reason, divorce definition is highly personal. However, if you look at divorce statistics, there are a few common reasons why couples separate:

  • Lack of Communication
  • Financial Problems
  • Constant Conflicts

You may have experienced one or more of these issues yourself. If not, you probably know someone who has. When it comes to divorce, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. In fact, despite a recent dip, the divorce rate has remained consistently high in many Western countries since the 1960s.

How to Heal from Divorce in a Positive Way

Although it can be hard to recuperate, divorce presents us with a unique opportunity to reshape our lives. To heal and grow effectively, however, we must treat it as such. Divorce care therapists use several methods to get their patients through this difficult period.

  1. Allow Yourself to Grieve

The process of ending a marriage, from moving home to signing the divorce papers, can create a whirlwind of emotion. It’s easy to try and repress these feelings if you want to move on fast or if you’re living a busy life. However, leaving a marriage induces a kind of grief.

After all, you are leaving your old life behind. Try to give yourself time and space to feel this. Fully allowing yourself to grieve will help you feel that you are building something new on top of the old, rather than clinging to the past.

  1. Don’t Let Things Go Spiral

Try and avoid going into denial and allowing practical aspects of separation to overwhelm you. By this, we mean tasks like dealing with lawyers, reading through contracts, and managing practical separation chores. Pretending that divorce isn’t happening won’t make it easier; it’ll just cause the workload – and the emotional load – to spiral.

  1. Center Yourself in the Divorce Experience

Divorce ExperienceMarriage and separation involve two people, but you should remember that you are embarking on a journey that centers on you- even if you did not want a divorce. While it’s natural to fixate on what went wrong, try not to give in to negativity. Instead, try to think about your marriage’s limitations and what you could do now that these are gone. Don’t focus on how your partner has, or is, behaving but on how you can grow from the experience.

  1. Accept Where You Are

During a separation, you may feel frustrated with yourself and what you perceive as your inability to move on. Remember that some degree of analysis and looking back is normal and necessary for understanding your situation. Don’t beat yourself up!

Instead, try to accept the emotional stage you are at on your journey to being divorced. Likewise, if you feel delighted to be free, you don’t have to feel guilty about this. Everybody heals in their own way, and you can take your time to figure out where you’re at.

  1. Make Plans and Focus Forward

Make Plans and Focus ForwardWhile a marriage breakdown can feel like a tragedy, it is also a moment of opportunity if you let yourself see it this way. Part of this is your mindset: trying to focus on things in your life aside from marriage and making time to do things that make you feel happy and positive. However, another part is learning to plan for a better future. You will not bounce back straight away, and you may have to make a significant effort to see anything good in your situation. However, making practical plans for a time when you will feel better is a great way to renew your sense of purpose. You could think about moving home or dating after divorce.


Whether your divorce is volatile or amicable, it is undoubtedly a stressful period in life. Keeping your mind focused on the future and your own positive and productive behaviors can allow you to release some of this burden and reveal your true self. Embrace the change and let yourself grow – it could be the best thing you ever do!


About Author: Margaret Cole is an experienced sex therapist and a couple’s counselor. She encourages people to live consciously and realize the best sides of life, relationships, and sex. She could make a practical and positive difference in the lives of people regardless of their origin, status, or gender. Margaret believes we already have a true love from within and with a little time plus effort it can be easily met outside.

Is losing your job a valid reason to decrease your child support obligations?

Child support obligation

COVID-19 pandemic has put lives to a halt. But your necessary financial commitments, especially the child support obligations, are still the same. With the uncertainty and insecurity surrounding the situation, the financial implications have further worsened the circumstances.

People are already struggling to have their ends met because of losing jobs and unannounced pay cuts. During the time another rising concern among parents is: is it a valid reason to decrease your child support obligations?

Well, it might not be. The family lawyers have made the situation evident. According to them, the current financial challenges do not “automatically” authorize you to step away from your obligations. Not only that, if you do not fulfill your responsibility in this regard, you might also face legal implications.

However, there are certain ways that you can go about it. Here are some of the ways you can make adjustments in your child support obligations keeping the legal requirements in view.

Lost a job during the COVID-19 pandemic? Here is how you can modify your child support obligations

If you are from New York, you can officially get your financial obligations decreased by applying to the Family Court and requesting for a downward modification of the order.

Only in the situation where a parent has lost their job, the court may allow such modification but under the following circumstances;

  • If there is a substantial proven change in circumstances: If there is a significant change in parent’s income or the cost of raising the child, the court may show flexibility and allow an adjustment in child support.

Both parents must note that the adjustment might be upward or downward.

  • If there is an involuntary change in the income: If the income of either parent decrease by 15% or more since the court entered the arrangement, modified, or adjusted the order, the parent can approach the court requesting a downward modification of child support.

Do you need to provide evidence?

The asks parents to provide evidence with their request in either of the above-mentioned cases. They have to provide substantial proof indicating that they are making sincere efforts to find new employment and cannot currently earn at the same previous level when they signed up for child support.

Are courts open to address the applications regarding child support obligations?

Unlike the initial days of the COVID-19 lockdown, the courts all across the US are now open. You can approach them with your applications regarding child support either in-person or virtually.

Here’s what you need to do

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you need to file to approach the court and apply for relaxation in child support obligations. Till then, you need to fulfill your child support obligations to the extent possible.

Other than that, you might also consider reaching out to your co-parent and inform them about your circumstances. It will possibly result in a consensus where they might settle to accommodate you till you find your way out of it.

However, even paying a fraction of your due obligation will cast a good impression on the Family Court. In any circumstances, you must show dedicated and honest efforts towards supporting your child.