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Things To Know Before Dating A Divorced Woman

Things To Know Before Dating A Divorced Woman

Dating has always been an exciting moment for most of the couples. But dating a divorced woman seems to be a little complex for many guys. It is because there is fear somewhere hiding on your mind.

It is obvious that getting a divorce is the most painful moment that anyone can feel it and it takes time to overcome that critical situation in your life.

When there is a loss of deep investment of love, emotions, care, and feelings, then it can completely shatter the love and personalities of both the partners.

For a woman, it is not easy to overcome divorce. But as a gentle boy, if you are getting the chance to date a divorced girl then you must take that opportunity as a responsibility to take care of her as a loyal husband.

It is because women are sensitive and once you will take her responsibility then she will adore you for a lifetime. She has undergone lots of pain throughout her life and now it is your responsibility to love and take care of her.

Therefore, here are the things that you must know before dating a divorced woman:

  • Accept Her Children And Responsibilities: 

Yes, before dating a divorced woman, you must accept her children if she has any and take her responsibility like a gentleman.

You need to remember that you are accepting her as your life partner and don’t make her ever feel that you are doing a favor on her. Treat her children like they are yours.

  • Be Supportive Of Her Career: 

Yes, you need to be a supportive husband throughout your life. Since you got a chance to take responsibility and showcase yourself as a good human being, then you must fulfill your duty.

Support her dreams so that she can fulfill it and let her live her life. Never allow her past to come in between of yours. Never make her feel like she is a useless person and inspire her throughout your life.

  • Express Love, Not Sympathy: 

You need to keep in mind before dating a divorced woman that you are expressing your love towards her, but it is not sympathy.

Otherwise, she would feel like you are doing a favor on her. A woman is as strong as a stone but sometimes she feels weak when it comes to losing a person. Dating a divorced woman means that you are going to be a responsible man.

  • Understand Her Needs: 

You need to understand her needs from time to time so that she would not feel helpless. Support her throughout your life so that she can adore you and even her children too.

Your woman was undergone isolation, failure, and rejection so now it is your duty to give her what she deserves. Never let her feel alone and always crack a joke so that she can feel good. 

The Final thoughts 

Here you go! I have tried my best to keep all the dishes on a single plate. Therefore, now it is your responsibility to take care of your woman.

Before dating a divorced woman, make yourself as a mature guy who can handle responsibility when given. Therefore, keep in mind all the above-mentioned factors.


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What top stories you know of the biggest celebrity breakups of 2020?

celebrity breakups

So, you want to learn about the biggest celebrity breakups. Around the world, many celebrities are popular. Many celebrities have worked with each other, and after some years they have a wedding with them. But because of some problems, some of the celebrities have a breakup which is an unfortunate thing. Some of them were looking very beautiful with each other, but now they are not together. Here, you will know about the celebrities who have broken up with each other who are very popular but not together now.

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler Breakup

2020 is the year of many of the breakup of the celebrities. This couple was together for at least 10 years and now they are having a divorce. It is one of the biggest celebrity breakups. According to the information, Even though they have three children together still they are breaking up because of some personal problems. They are saying that even though we love each other still we should have a divorce. When they were having the problem then Kristin was thinking to buy some home but her NFL quarterback husband was not allowing that. But now they have the agreement by which she can buy the house and after the divorce, the children can come to the house and both the parents can meet them one day a week one week off.

Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp

Timothee and lily Breakup

This is a very young and popular couple who were dating together. The costarred in the Netflix movie named The King. There is no definite news about the couple being broken up after 1 year of dating but in the latest Vogue magazine, Chalamet Appeared single which grows many of the eyebrows. Both are young and sensational icons of the current pop media. They have worked together and met on the screen of the Netflix drama the king. They have been seen together in the paparazzi photos. But now after being single, the celebrity can look at their path.

Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren

Noah Centineo and Alexis Ren breakup

After 1 year updating, this couple has also broken up and people have taken it as one of the biggest celebrity breakups. The source told that even though they were dating from March 2019 still they didn’t show their relationship until October 2019 on the red carpet as the debut. Noah has Deleted all the photos of his girlfriend on Instagram and that has indicated to the people that now they are not together and have broken up for some reason. According to the sources, this is the first time after October 2019 when they have started a relationship and have openly seen in the photos together, now they have broken up and this is the sad news for the people who love them together.

Channing Tatum and Jessie J

Tatum and Jessie J

This is one of the most popular couples in the Hollywood industry and the news of their separation was at the top in the list of the biggest celebrity breakups. Jessie is a famous singer where is Channing is the famous actor who has been seen in the famous dancing and action movies. According to the sources they have tried to reconcile their relationship After 3 months of the previous breakup. Now they are thinking that they are better off as friends. The relationship between the couple was very interesting. Channing was previously married to Jenna Dewan who is the actor and dancer. He has a 6-year-old daughter with her. He was with her for at least 10 years and he divorced her in October 2018. The amazing thing is that he has started dating Jessie in the same October month. Their relationship was going well until December 2019 when they broke up. They started again in January 2020 to Reconcile but now they are again thinking to remain as friends.

Bachelor in Paradise alums Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson


Bachelor in paradise stars has decided to end their marriage after 8 months. They have mutually taken a decision. They are saying that they never thought that this decision will come in their life but today they are thinking that there is something we both need individually. They are in love with each other and they care for each other. They are saying they request their lovers to respect their privacy and let them navigate their life alone without any disturbance.

Men’s perspective about relationships especially men on divorce!

Men on Divorce

Relations are an important part of life and sometimes managing them is very complicated. The following are the few examples of such complicated situations and their solutions, which can be used as a way of knowing about the perspective of the men on divorce and how to handle them.

The reluctance of the man from getting divorced

In this situation, a 39-year-old divorced woman is involved with a married guy, who is not with his wife for a year but he is not divorced yet. His wife, who is also involved with another man for a year, when gets to know about the seriousness of their relationship follows them and accuses this woman of snatching her husband and labels her husband as her own’s. This stopped them to meet each other for a month and after they resumed their relationship.

That man although claims to like her and also introduced her with his daughter, but does not get divorced from his first wife. This has made this woman quite anxious about her future and life. Such behavior is making her more conscious about her decisions and dealing with it is becoming more difficult for her because she is quite unsure about her future.

Such behavior shows some kind of dependence

This scenario shows that a man is dependent on his wife in some way and she has to find out the source of this dependence. It can be emotional or financial and this dependence has caused such behavior of men on divorce.

Because of this dependency, his wife still holds control over him, and by controlling her husband she is also influencing the life of this woman. It is better to find the solution as early as possible so that this negative influence in her life can be resolved completely and she can make decisions about her life without any external pressure.

The traditional mindset of the parents

This situation is of 52-year-old woman, who is divorced. Her childhood was completely under the traditional and conservative mindset of her parents and she left her home at 19. Now, after the death of her mother her father has moved in with her because he needs her company.

Now the issue is when her boyfriend visits her then her father insists her boyfriend stay in the guest room. And threatens her that, if she wouldn’t listen to her then he would stop talking with him, which can make situations complicated for her. So, now she wants the solution to this problem which is becoming difficult for her to handle.

Father is needed to realize her independence

So, this woman needs to tell her father that she is a grown woman who is independent in her life and owns the house as well. He is treating her like she is still a kid. He needs to know that if he wants to live in her house, then he has to agree with her way of living and should not create problems in her life.

That would be easy and comfortable for both of them. She has to make him realize that he is supposed to compromise with her life and way of living, as it will lead to mutual benefit. The healthy compromise is the ultimate solution for the better future of both father and daughter. She is also not to take the situation where men on divorce react harshly.

These examples are of the females who are confronting the issues in their personal life because of the strange behavior of the males. A comprehensive approach is required to tackle these situations by finding out the reasons for the behavior of males and making them realize that they should change their attitude for the sake of the betterment of both.

Tips to keep Long-distance relationship during Coronavirus lockdown

Long Distance relationship

Romance should alive all the time. Love should be shared every day. With the rise of coronavirus pandemic, doctors and medical experts urged the public to stay away. Social distancing was the term used to educate masses to keep a distance while meeting. Travel was banned in many countries, while the public was restricted to their homes. It poses a great challenge for people that were in a long-distance relationship.

People who were in long-distance relationship sometimes forced to remain apart. The worst thing is that they even don’t know how long it will continue. It was ok till changing the lifestyle and plans but travel restriction has made it almost impossible for couples to meet.

People who were in a long-distance relationship know how to spend time without seeing each other. They know better how to keep the romance alive for many days without meeting. However, with little expectancy about the duration of lockdown, it is creating problems for even them. They don’t know when and how will they meet. It is quite difficult for them to keep their love charged.

There are a lot of things that couples should do to keep the romance alive, love bond strong and self-improvement. They should openly talk about their concerns with the other partner. Discussing missing each other is a good thing.

Life may be looking very strange nowadays. However, there are many things to do to ease the pain of keeping apart. Texting, calling and video chats are not enough. Here we will discuss some tips that will help you to keep your bond strong with your partner.

Listen to beautiful songs

listen to same musicSongs are a great way to know about your feelings. Many people go in-depth with the songs. You should keep listening to the songs that were loved by both of you. Your first song together, the songs on which you danced together, his/ her favorite song and several others. When you keep listening to these type of songs, you will feel better about the other partner.

Cook the Same meal

family cooking during lockdown

This is the perfect thing to do in the lockdown. While many people are utilizing the quarantine time to polish their cooking skills, it is a great idea to enhance romance. Select a meal and cook at the same time as your partner. A video call will be a nice idea to not only keep in touch but also experience the same fun.

Watch the same TV show/ movie


If there is something on TV that you both like, it is a good idea to watch it together. A movie that inspires you both is also a good idea. After watching the movie, share your thoughts with the other partner. Listen to their views about the show or the movie. It will help you a lot in keeping the conversation active.

Send romantic videos to each other

This is another good idea. Videos are a nice way to express what you are feeling. When you send a romantic video to your partner, that person actually feels you near them. Make a routine to share the best romantic movies with your partner. If the other person is also sharing his/ her favorite content with you, it is working in your case.

Visit the same place virtually

With the latest tech, it is not necessary to visit a place in person. There are a lot of options available online to do so. Navigate in the Google Maps, watch videos on YouTube, surf website and explore the same place with your partner. Discuss the things you liked the most and ask about their liking.

Plan a trip after the lockdown

Lockdown will end sooner or later. It is a good idea to plan a trip in advance. Be it your favorite restaurant, favorite park, food street, shopping mall or any place, plan for it. Discuss it. Share related pictures and remain prepared to visit that place as soon as the pandemic ends.

Play a game together

This is an awesome idea if both of you like the same game. Being on the opposite side, playing the same game is the best thing to refresh the love between both of you.

Master the dirty talk

When you can’t meet, dirty talk is your strongest weapon. Be it chat, voice notes, audio call or video call, use it wisely. Keep the conversation alive.

Talk about your favorite memories

No one knows when the pandemic will end. Talking about your favorite memories will keep the chat active. It will also let the other person know that you care about the beautiful time both of you spent together.

Send sweet notes

Be it morning and night wishes or romantic quotes, it is important. Send them time to time to your partner so they know that you are very important in their life. It is a nice way to tell them that you are missing everything.

The therapist explains 5 Ways Couples can recover From a Fight

Couples can recover From a Fight

It is important to mention that romantic relations often come across a fight or a conflict over anything. The fact that many of us discard is that these fights have the potential to make the relationship quite stronger. It enables couples to come closer and surround themselves with more love, affection, and care in the future. Learn more about it.
However, what appears the problem for the couples is when they end up having hurtful and damaging fights. It leads to severe pain, mental pressure and the most significantly, fatigue. Therapists explain 5 ways couples can recover from a fight.

Thinking and understanding the fight

It has been significant to note that the rationality and logic help recovering from the flight. In many cases, the logical problems turn out to be the major factors behind the fight. It is followed by the brain being locked into the fight mode creating an adversarial environment. What is more troubling that one in a couple ends up using the inappropriate words? Maybe, the words or feelings you expressed during the fight do not prove your rationality. And many times, maybe, they do not reflect one’s genuine opinions.

Moreover, couples need to locate the illogical and unintentional emotional abuse that might have taken place during fights. The unintentional emotional abuse is in the shape of the lying, name-calling and most importantly, gas-lighting. Nevertheless, it is highly imperative to locate the root cause of the flight.

Giving each other the much-needed space

Certainly, flight makes you fall into the panic mode making you quite aggressive and occupied by bad moods. After a troubling and irregular flight, couples need to have a relaxing time where they can reflect. They need the much-needed space and distance from each other that will go on to soothe them.

This will turn out to be an effective manner when space will allow the couples to patch up and reunited. They will also have time to think and reflect upon as to why the fight took place at first. Rather than wasting time, all you need is to talk to the partner and resolve the problems. You will have to ensure that you communicate your reservations to your partner. Making your partner feel that you love them out of the way is very important.

Communicating in a positive manner

According to Dr. Ron Burriss, an eminent and highly respected psychologist, one of the solutions to all types of problems that might face relationships is communication and discussion. Communicating is considered to be the common component that both males and females respond to easily.

For that to happen, you need to be open to talking or in fact, talking again out of nothing. In case, your flight includes many reasons then you must solve them one by one. One should seek to understand the partner and reasons that must have led them to engage in a fight. It is very imperative to know that partners should not come with accuse and blame each other.

Accepting the responsibility

Flight doesn’t take place because of the fault of one partner. Both in a couple are possible, responsible for the mishap or an unfortunate situation. For that, you will have to confess the responsibility and realize the fact that you must have hurt your partner. You do not need to adopt a defensive approach while handling the flights in relationships. It will be productive if you turn first to apologize and break the ice.

It must not be forgotten that the sincere apology would turn out to be a recipe for the patch-up. It has to be followed by the promise on either side that such fights and situations will not be repeated. Along with that, you have to analyze the situation from your partner’s view.

Making up

Once you manage to end the fight, now all you need to do is to bolster the relationships. Although this might be the cumbersome or an upheaval task especially after the highly complicated and severe fight, healing the relations once and for all will be the quick fix. This can be done when partners decide to spend time together such as going for the movie or lunch.

One of the interesting things you can do is to laugh together even though it might be hard after flights. This will bring about the positive things owing to the release of the positive hormones. Intimacy is an effective tool to help couples come closer.


It must be realized that the fights are part of every relationship. What is more important that partners in the couple should be committed to improving ties after every conflict? After all, communication, love, affection and other tools are required to heal the relationships.

After lockdown eases, china saw a big increase in the divorce rate

After lockdown eases, china saw a big increase in the divorce rate

China saw one of the greatest pandemics of modern times known as COVID-19 that hurt every sector of society. The normal life of Chinese people that is social, economic and cultural was badly affected. All the businesses were locked while the public was forced to stay in their home to control the pandemic. The lockdown kept the couples under a single roof for weeks and provided a platform for daily house fights and ended in the increase in the divorce rate. Yes, the cause is depression, irritation or something else. 

However, the authorities were left to a surprise when offices were opened after lockdown and many couples were asking for the divorce. In March, the divorce rate in many cities in China has increased a lot. Steve Li, who is a lawyer in Shanghai, reported that we saw a 25% increase in the divorce rate this March than we had in 2019. A report on a government website in Hunan province has a quote from an official who claims that we even had not any time to drink water. There are so many people queued up for filing divorce that we are over-loaded from the work.

China saw a big increase in the divorce rate during COVID-19 lockdown

When studied for reasons for the divorce, infidelity was found to be the greatest. Steve Li further added that people can keep their love affairs only when both are busy and have little yet quality time to spend. Couples need space after some time. However, when they were forced to restrict their homes, there was no space between them, and even small fights turn into big problems.

Police officials reported that it was not only the divorce rate that increased, we saw an increase in domestic violence reports too. 162 violence cases were reported alone in a small county of Hubei province for Feb 2020. Hubei was the worst attacked province from COVID-19 and being the center of this pandemic, it was kept lockdown for weeks. Last year Feb, the county along the Yangtze River had reported only 47 domestic violence cases, making this year’s figures more than 3 times increase.

Authorities think that people are very stressed and have strong concerns about their life and job security during this pandemic. Even when life comes to normal, it may need months for the stress level of the public to return to normal. The psychological impacts of this pandemic will continue for a long time.

Coronavirus self-isolation | Divorced parents sharing kids concerns

Divorced parents sharing kids

Coronavirus has impacted every domain of life. The fear of its spread has also compelled the UK’s government to take strict measures for containing the spread of the virus. The public has been strictly asked to maintain a hygienic routine and keep social distancing. In such a situation, one difficulty is of divorced parents sharing kids. A deep understanding of the issue and following the useful strategies for the proper handling of the situation is the way-out of the problem.

Main issues of divorced parents sharing kids

According to the records, the numbers of divorces are 90,871 between opposite-sex couples and 428 between same-sex couples in England and Wales. So, as a strict measure is forcing people to spend more time at home and does not socialize, it is also creating problems for divorced parents sharing kids. It is difficult to follow the guidelines of kid sharing as per the court orders. But the court welfare officers have asked people to try to adapt to the changing environment and continue their previous agreements of child sharing while following all the required protocols of social isolation.

More vulnerable arrangements

Although divorced parents sharing kids are needed to keep following the previous routine with more care according to the safety measure, few scenarios are going to be more severely impacted and would have to stop. Situations, in which the exchange of kids takes place in the dedicated center, are not going to happen these days, because such centers are closed amid the fear of the spread of the coronavirus. Taking care of the health of the children is also very important, so parents would have to compromise with it.

Strategies for divorced parents sharing kids during coronavirus pandemic

There are few strategies of parenting, which divorced parents sharing kids can follow and can ease up the tense situation regarding the follow up the child’s settlement between parents. Parents need to avoid public gathering and should just receive children through cars, instead of going out. If they receive the child from the home of the other parent, then they should just wait for the child to come in the car by himself rather than going out. Both parents of the children also need to stay in contact all along, so that they can keep the check on the hygiene and health routine of the child throughout.

Indirect interactions between children and parents

Certain parents are not on talking terms with each other, and it is impossible for them to collectively plan the daily routine and care of the child. In that case, where cooperation is not possible children may remain with one parent, but the child should be continuously allowed to maintain indirect contact with the other parent. They can constantly remain in contact with their other parent through calls and video calls until this situation gets better.

Parents are needed to have a more flexible approach

As corona is a global pandemic, so showing adaptability toward this issue and managing your daily routine according to it, is very important. In this time, parents should also show a more pragmatic approach. If their children are residing with other parents and are unable to reach them or if the situation is otherwise where they have to take care of the children by themselves, they should bear with that. Frustrating about the situation and trying to contact the court in this situation, would only make parents and their children more worried and would only complicate the already existing crisis.

Compensation of these difficult situations is possible

Such situations, where a child is spending more time with one parent, can be handled with this positive notion, that situation can be compensated in the future, where the child would spend equal time with other parents. Those parents, who can manage to continue the child routine as they used to in past, should keep doing that because if someone tries to take advantage of this situation deliberately, then courts, which are working online these days can still take action against them and it can cost them a lot of damage in future. So, having good faith and keeping good intentions to find out the ways of following the child sharing routine is the need of the time.

Meghan Markle may cause Sussex’s divorce, Royal Expert Claims

Meghan Markle may cause Sussex’s divorce

We have all been hearing about the gossip related to the British Royals. There has been a lot of news about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry which day that they are about to leave their royalty and are ready to start living an ordinary life. The reason is that the imperial way of life has demonstrated hard for the two so they thought it’s best that they leave all of this behind. But what you might not have heard in all this news is that some people are predicting Sussex’s divorce for the reason to be behind all of this fiasco.

Although both of them seem to be really happy with each other there are some news critics who are saying that they are soon to be divorced. Although we don’t have any reason to feel that it might be true because, at pretty much every open commitment, Meghan and Harry show non-verbal communication that clarifies how they feel about one another. The two are quite often seen together, regardless of whether it’s clasping hands, Meghan holding Harry’s arm, or Harry controlling Meghan with a hand on her back. Yet, a few people are persuaded that Sussex’s divorce is inevitable because their marriage can’t work out like this.

News related to Sussex’s Divorce

Mentioned below are some of the hypothesis which states that Harry and Meghan’s wedding won’t last very long and endup with Sussex’s divorce.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

One manager, whose customer list incorporated the late Princess Diana, has anticipated that the couple’s marriage is bound to end very soon. She says that she can only see Meghan and Harry be married for around two to three years. They can’t be together for more than this. She further added that she is claiming all this so that everyone is mentally prepared for Sussex’s divorce beforehand and they don’t get heartbroken when they finally hear about the couple’s separation.

General observations and predictions taking Sussex’s divorce

One imperial master also claimed Meghan and Harry’s statuses could be a reason for their separation Kelvin Mackenzie, previous editorial manager of a very popular magazine has followed the royal family for quite a long time. While all the others share their views about Harry and Meghan’s marriage, he is the only person who is certain that their marriage is not going to last long and soon the Sussex will file for a divorce.

View this post on Instagram

This afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, alongside Her Majesty The Queen and Members of The Royal Family. The Commonwealth is a global network of 54 countries, working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals, and the Service today seeks to highlight the vast community which spans every geographical region, religion and culture, embracing diversity amongst its population of 2.4 billion people, of which 60 percent are under 30 years old. As President and Vice-President of the @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been passionate advocates of the Commonwealth having spent many years working closely with the next generation of Commonwealth leaders. The theme of the Commonwealth for 2020 is ‘Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming', placing emphasis on youth, the environment, trade, governance, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and innovation. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, the Service celebrates the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. Photo © PA

A post shared by The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (@sussexroyal) on

She claims that Harry’s status has dropped immensely since both of them got married. While this happened to Harry, the total opposite has happened to Meghan. She says that she appreciates Meghan a lot. According to her, Meghan originated from nothing and wound up at the top while Harry, began at the top, winding up down the base and soon after the Sussex’s divorce, he will fall down a little more until he’s unable to stand back up.

Mackenzie followed her words by saying the couple’s statuses will tell what type of relationship they had. At the point when the telephone rings, it won’t be for him but it will be for Meghan and at that point, the marriage is bound to end and the only reason would be Meghan and his ego.

Other than this, there are a lot of other people who think the same. May they be news reporters, journalists or ordinary people, they are certain about this royal couple getting separated from each other. While some of them doubt it, others are quite sure of their prediction. The reason might be that Meghan is having a hard time adjusting to the royal protocols. There are a lot of things that she needs to change in order to be a Sussex, but according to the media, she’s not ready to do that.

The recent news about their separation from royal titles has made sure of that, but let’s hope their separation from each other is just a rumor and nowhere close to being accurate news.

Why the first Monday in January is known as divorce day?

Divorce Day

25th December is celebrated in the whole world as Christmas and the celebrations continue for a week. With the arrival of the New Year, it marks an end to Christmas celebrations. However, it is also remembered among lawyers as Divorce Day. It is the latest phenomenon among lawyers, and in just the last few years lawyers had seen an increase in divorce cases on this day.

Couples are more willing to file divorce against each other on the day which falls on the first Monday of the New Year. In 2020, it was on the 6th of January. The reason could be because many people want to start their new year with no hopes, no aim, new goals, new people and a new start. However, more and more people are recognizing this day and the number of divorce applications is increasing year by year.

Relate is a support organization for divorces and it reported that in 2019, there were a greater number of their website visits on Divorce Day. It is a type of festive season and more and more people are considering their divorces to take place on this day. Talking specifically, there was an 84 percent increase to the visits of their website this year from the same time last year. It added that lawyers receive a lot of requests on this day about divorces and the inquiries are hard to handle. A 24 percent increase was recorded in the calls received to the helpline of Relate in 2017 when it was compared to the previous month’s average.

Amicable is a divorce support service that found that in January 2018, forty thousand and five hundred people searched for the keyword “divorce” online. Many people assume that it is just a hoax by lawyers who are in search of more business after the Christmas holidays, but Amanda McAlister has a different opinion. She regards Divorce Day as an actual and genuine event and explains that already strained relationships usually break on this day. When couples are forced to spend more time together because of the long holidays, their strained relation is further exposed to problems that add to the number of divorces on this day.

She also added that people wait till the end of Christmas vacations for several reasons. It may be because of children, extended families, or even because of the sooner ex-spouse that they wait to spend the last holidays together and as a result rush for divorce after the end of the vacations. More people wait for more than a week to file their divorce cases and as a result outnumber lawyers on the first day on which offices reopen.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) is regarded as the most authentic stats provider in the UK. It states than at least 4 out of every 10 marriages in the UK are turning out as divorces. It further added that half of them are fresh than 10 years. It shows how alarming is the situation and it needs some strict remedies. The government should aware public about family life more in the Christmas holidays, the family favored NGOs must take their stance and spread awareness specifically in the Christmas holidays to reduce the number of people seeking separation on the Divorce Day.

How a divorced father win the child custody? Child custody tips for fathers.

Child custody tips for fathers

Divorce is a painful incident for the families but children have to face the shocking after-effects of this act. Other than this, who is guilty, children cannot bear or they find it very hard to tolerate the broken family outcomes. They have to live with their mother or father in miserable conditions. For fathers, winning custody of children is not easy even the court does not discriminate against fathers. They have to apply for joint custody or full custody. If you are going to prepare for the child custody battle then you must file the case. It is vital to discuss each and everything with your lawyer. You must get information about the laws of the state. Moreover, if you want to win the child custody case, then you must follow the following tips. These child custody tips for fathers are helpful for you in many ways.

Be accurate in child support payment

If you need to take joint or full custody then you need to organize regular child support payment. If you have an informal arrangement with your kid’s mother then it is good to maintain its complete record. Taking the receipts or making some records is a wise decision. Take written proof that you are paying the expenses on a regular basis. This can be an effective child custody tips for fathers. In this way, you will be able to maintain your record in a positive way. Your lawyer can attach this written proof and receipts in the file as proof. It will be helpful for you to win child custody.

Develop a strong and healthy relationship

After a divorce, children move with their mother. If you want to get custody of your children then you need to make a good relationship with your children. It is one of the child custody tips for fathers.  Do you know why? Court asks these kids, to whom they want to go with. If you have a healthy relationship with the kid, the decision will be in your favor. So, for the children, it becomes easier to choose you for living. Children will have no problem with adjustment with you.

Maintain records accurately

Follow child custody tips for fathers. Do you have to maintain an appropriate visitation schedule? It helps you winning child custody. You will be able to capture visitation records by building and making a parenting plan. When the court decides child custody, you need to submit this record in the court.

Pay expenses and do not create a mess

The level of separation is expanding step by step. Parent’s divorce is an agonizing encounter for kids. It is an extremely hard time for them to pick any of them to live with. It is considerably more horrible for children and they feel it amazingly difficult to be separated. They are powerless against choosing one parent to live with. Then again, the court doesn’t give the sole guardianship.

It is one of the most effective child custody tips for fathers. Father needs to bear all the costs of the youngsters and the mother is permitted to keep kids with her. Father is permitted to visit them week by week or twice in seven days by the court. Be that as it may, the enthusiasm of the kid is the most essential factor in the choice of the court. For getting the kid custody you need to procure qualified Divorce lawyers.

Be punctual with kid’s activities

For fathers, it is not easy to maintain the records, so you need to follow some child custody tips for fathers. You must attend your children’s religious, educational and social events because it can be the evidence of your concern about the child. You must be with your children at sporting events, birthday parties, baptisms, and school play. It is proof of your strong relationship with your kids. The court relies on the attendance of the proof of a healthy relationship.

Make space for children at home

Do you have an appropriate area for your children in your new home? If you are living in a small space then you have to arrange it. Yes, the court will definitely inquire about the adequate living accommodations during child custody hearings. You are answerable to the court for this issue.


So, the above-mentioned child custody tips for fathers will be helpful for you. After divorce, two people attempt to get the kid guardianship. It is the normal method for the court to stay in contact them with their youngsters. Fathers make some harder time convincing a court that they merit the sole consideration of their children. They have to face a battle and will require an authentic course in exhibiting that the mother of the children is basically unfit to have sole guardianship.