Linda Dixon

Hi! I’m Linda. I’m a work-from-home mom of two lovely boys. I’m guilty of asking Mr. Google for almost everything and bugging my mom when the boys do something weird for the first time. I’m also one of those moms whose posts my friends hide from their social media feeds because I rave about my children ALL THE TIME. Haha! But what can I do? I’m a mom!

Jennifer Broussard

Ms. Broussard was licensed to practice law in 1985 and has limited her practice to family law litigation since that time. In 1999 she became aware of the concept of Collaborative Law, then being practiced only in Minnesota and California. She joined a group of Texas lawyers committed to changing the way family law was practiced in Texas. She founded the Alliance of Collaborative Family Law Attorneys and became a Trustee of the Collaborative Law Institute of Texas (now, Collaborative Divorce Texas [see]), where she served for five years.

Jamie Kupkovits

Jamie Kupkovits is a school psychologist who works with families affected by divorce and family change. She is the author of Relational Aggression in Girls, a curriculum focused on teaching girls healthy relationship skills while helping to reduce the incidences of relational aggression/social bullying. She has taught college-level professional development courses and is a Love and Logic parent trainer. Jamie’s most significant role, however, is her role as a single parent to her two children who constantly keep her on her toes and who inspire her, daily, to keep learning and growing as a parent.