Divorce Crazies


BUSTED On a Birthday!!

A crazy divorce. My ex-husband is a firefighter, so he would have multiple days in a row off. On days he wasn’t working (and I was working) my kids would go to daycare and he would stay home. He told me he wanted to keep the kids in daycare because he needed to catch up on sleep since we were on calls constantly when at the firehouse. I was fine with that, the last thing I wanted was for him to get burnt out.

There were multiple days when I would call home shortly before leaving work for the day and I would ask if the ex-had picked up the kids from daycare, eight times out of ten, the answer would be “no”. On my way home I would swing by daycare and pick the kids up, get home and he would be drunk. Not drunk by himself either. Our neighbor would be over and they would be drinking together. It took me a few times to realize this was becoming a problem. I started to think he was having an affair with our neighbor. I was close to her and had talked with her husband and he also thought they were having an affair. I asked my ex-multiple times if there was anything going on with him and the neighbor but it was always denied.

I got fed up with his antics, we both agreed our marriage was not going to work. We filed for divorce for multiple reasons. Shortly after we filed for divorce it was his birthday. Since the divorce was a mutual decision, I was still going to go out with him and help him celebrate (it was his 30th birthday), however, we couldn’t find a babysitter. The decision was made that I would stay home with the kids and he would go out with his buddies. Later that night I found out that the neighbor had filed for divorce from her husband four days after we did. Interesting.

I really didn’t care what he did that night, after all, we already knew we were calling it quits. Something happened that made me think he was out with our neighbor. I called him on his cell phone and he picked up but I think he was trying to hit the ignore button, he didn’t hear me but I heard her annoying laugh in the background, and then the call ended! When he got home, he smelled like a women’s perfume, so I knew she was there. I asked him what he did and he said: “I went to Maggiano’s sat at the bar, had a glass of wine, had dinner and went to a movie.” I asked if he was by himself and he answered yes. The following day on my way home from work, I called my neighbor. She was telling me that she went out the night before so I asked her what she did. Her response was “I went to Maggiano’s, sat at the bar, had some wine, some dinner and went to a movie.” I asked if it was a girls night out and her response was “No, I was by myself”. Interesting because in the city we live in, there is only one Maggiano’s.

When I talked to my ex and told him I knew he was with her and I know he was having an affair with her, he said “no comment”. Can you say BUSTED!

Writing help with WHAT?

Literally, one night after my divorce was filed, my soon to be ex-came to me and asked me to help him. At the time we were still living in the same house. I asked what he needed help with and he stated he needed help writing something. I was thinking to myself “what in the world did he need help writing?” he never wrote or had any interest in writing anything! I wasn’t in the mood to help but decided to anyways. One less fight to deal with.

I ask what he needed me to write. He said, “I am on match.com and I need you to write my profile.” What? Really, you are on match.com and you need ME to write your profile? I was so taken back and thought it was so ridiculous, I said no way.

A few days go by and he continues to ask me every night to write his profile for him. So I decided I would write it for him, me being the nice person I wrote a nice profile. Looking back what I should have done, was write an accurate profile of how he really was.

Three or four wives

Living in a duplex

Bed sheets

Asking me to take my maiden name back – going to marry a Jen – 2 Jen’s

Reverse of vasectomy

4th of July Parade

Open House at School with Dan’s girlfriend

Coffee with future stepmom

trying to control my finances

No counseling for kids

Take me back to court for full custody – No father figure

Enroll the kids in a different school district with out my knowledge

Communication Counseling

Court – me moving in with boyfriend before being married

Dog made kids sick