5 reasons why Surrogacy may be helpful in saving your marriage?


Surrogacy comes with a quite unusual but natural way of saving your marriages. It is quite common for people to consider pregnancy as their top option when it comes to starting a family. It could take many forms such as pregnancy between two people, a single parent, or surrogacy. Adoption is usually the last resort, though thousands of children are adopted by many couples, each year. Today we shall discuss 5 reasons why surrogacy may help in saving your marriage.

Surrogacy Fulfills the Normal Desire to Pass Own Genes

Most organisms pass on their genes to their young ones. This instinct is no mystery to humans, who also take pride in procreating using their own genetic code. People may want their future generations to carry on their physical and emotional characteristics long after they are gone. Therefore, surrogacy can help fulfill this desire to have children who share common traits with their parents.

Through surrogacy, Better Information about Genetic History

People with chronic conditions or otherwise are aware that these conditions may well be found within their children. A person who has had a family history with heart disease would know that their children are likely to suffer from it, too. This is not the case with adoption as the parent would not be clear about any possible complications that their adopted child may show in the future. Thereby, people may hesitate to adopt, and prefer surrogacy.

However, grave genetic diseases may also keep people from having children of their own, and they may go for adoption instead.

The to-be Mother’s Diet and Lifestyle can be Monitored More Closely

A pregnant woman’s diet and lifestyle can be observed more closely. This allows for the birth of a healthy baby and minimizes the risk of complications. Surrogates also have to pass a thorough health test to be allowed to carry children. This ups the chances of a smooth pregnancy.

Close contact with the surrogate can also be maintained which enables parents to be present in each stage of the process. This is unlike adoption, in which the pregnancy part is already done and dusted.

There is also uncertainty about the routine of the mother during pregnancy. No one can tell if she was fed properly, received enough sleep, and did not consume any harmful substances. This makes room for tentativeness when going for adoption.

The Adoption Process can Be Painstaking

Adoption comes with its own legal protocols, which are both time-consuming and complicated. Multiple background checks and home studies may be done, paired with numerous other prerequisites. This can take even years before you are able to adopt your child. This way, adoption may become much more complex than surrogacy.

Older Kids may have a History of Abuse

Certain lifestyles and physical hurdles can make it hard for people to adopt infants or younger kids. Older children may be their only options. However, there is a higher risk of older children to have histories of neglect and abuse under state guardianship, or even with their original or foster parents.

This may lead to the child carrying years of trauma into their new home. Unless sought help for, the trauma may make the child difficult to raise. Also, psychotherapy may require additional costs which could be hard to pay.

This is why surrogacy may be more preferable.